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Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am Rübenberge 1989 v2.1

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KANIUM SUNDAY 14th OF OCT 1800 GMT - Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am Rübenberge 1989 v2.1 by Panzer_Leader, tweaked by Kingtiger

Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 
World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always) BE ADVISED: Daylight Savings Time stops in Europe the night between 27´th and 28´th of October - the time below is accurate within that frame, and either way the electronic link should show you the correct time. 

World clock 1800 GMT

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. 

Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance




Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am Rübenberge 1989 v2.1 (4.010) KANIUM

a. Enemy Forces
The Soviet 3rd Combined Arms Army is attempting to encircle HANOVER and lead elements of 7th Guards Tank Division captured NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE, 26 kilomteres north-west of HANOVER, late yesterday. Helicopter reconnaissance confirms a BTR-equipped Motorised Rifle Company (MRC) has occupied NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE and assumed a hasty defence. Intelligence believes the MRC may be reinforced by a platoon of T-64Bs or BRDM-2 ATs and may be supported by 1-2 batteries of artillery.   
After a pause overnight the Soviet advance and encirclement of HANOVER is expected to continue at first light. Intelligence expects 3rd Combined Arms Army will attempt to complete encirclement of HANOVER at WUNSTORF or further west at PETERSHAGEN-MINDEN. It is expected combat reconnaissance patrols (CRPs) will radiate south and south-west of NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE to locate 1 Panzer Division's (1 PzDiv) main defence. Applying enemy (ENY) doctrinal templates, the CRPs will be followed by a reinforced company-sized forward security element (FSE), reinforced battalion-sized advanced guard main body (AGMB) and regimental-sized main body attacks in succession along the selected ENY axes of advance. 
The ENY currently enjoys local air superiority so attack helicopters and air strikes may be encountered.
b. Friendly Forces
You command a company-sized kampfgruppe of 4 (Mixed) Company, Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion 1. This comprises two platoon of six Leopard 1A5 each, a section of four Lynx A2 and a platoon of three Fox 1A6 from 5 Company attached. 
You have a battery of six M109G 155 mm self-propelled howitzers firing HE and SMOKE natures in support. 
The main defence of 1 PzDiv is located to your south-west. Your kampfgruppe is the most forward element of 1 PzDiv and additional support cannot be expected.
c. Attachments / Detachments
- A jaeger platoon of 3 Fox 1A6 is attached.
- An echelon of 1 Wisent ARV and 1 M113 Medic is attached.
- A section of 4 Lynx A2 is detached.  This platoon can be called back with a trigger if more slots are needed.
Commander of 1 PzDiv's intent is to confirm strength of ENY defence in NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE in preparation for counterattack. Additionally, determine direction of advance of ENY FSE so 1 PzDiv can move to block main body along axis of advance. Insert a patrol behind ENY lines using infiltration route BEOWULF to observe and report on activity behind ENY lines north of NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE. Avoid decisive engagement and maintain combat effectiveness for follow-on tasking by 1 PzDiv.
Mission objectives are:
i. Conduct area reconnaissance of NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE to determine whether defending MRC is reinforced or not and, if so, whether by T-64B or BRDM-2 AT. Defeat any ENY CRPs encountered en route.
ii. Establish observation of roads K347, K333 and K332 to determine direction of advance of ENY FSE. This will indicate axis of advance of follow-on AGMB and main body and allow 1 PzDiv to establish blocking position.
iii. If the situation permits, infiltrate Lynx A2 and/or Fox 1A6 patrol into infiltration route BEOWULF to north-west of NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE.
iv. Avoid decisive engagement and maintain combat effectiveness above 80%.
Hauptmann, the plan to complete the mission is up to you.
Good luck!

- Appearance of Red personnel changed to 'USSR' (classic Soviet Motorised Rifle Troops).
- Soviet Motorised Rifle sections comprise two rifle squads equipped with 5.45 mm rifle (AK-74); one with 5.45 mm MG with 320 ready rounds (RPK-74) and one with (R)PG-7L. Sources: FM 100-2-3, The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization, and Equipment, 1991 and OPFOR Worldwide Equipment Guide, 2000.
- Modified Red scripting to provide more dismounted infantry defence in NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE.
- Changes to Red's eastern CRP and west-bound FSE routes to correct unintended vehicle behaviour.
- Quality of Blue troops set to Regular.
- Overhead View enabled.
- Correctly identify MRC reinforcements in NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE = 30 points.  Select Trigger 1 if you establish the MRC is not reinforced; Trigger 2 if you identify reinforcement by BRDM-2 ATs; Trigger 3 if you identify reinforcement by T-64Bs. Note that the CRPs may also be equipped with T-64Bs so you will need to confirm there are T-64Bs located within NEUSTADT AM RÜBENBERGE itself before selecting Trigger 3.
- Correctly identify route of enemy FSE = 30 points.  Select Trigger 4 if you determine the reinforced company-sized FSE is heading west on the K347; Trigger 5 if you identify it is heading south on the K333; Trigger 6 if you identify it is heading south-west on the K333 then K332.
- Successfully infiltrate one or more operational Lynx A2 and/or Fox 1A6 into infiltration route BEOWULF at mission end = 20 points.
- Maintain combat effectiveness above 80% = 1 point per % strength above 80%.
- A minimum of 60 points is required for victory.
- Maximum mission time is 90 minutes -10% random.
- The BRDM-2 used by enemy CRPs and FSE represents the RKhB chemical reconnaissance variant so its 14.5 mm Main Gun is disabled.
- The AT-7 Saxhorn is represented by the AT-4b Spigot with fire control set to a maximum of 1000 metres.
- Manteuffel for the Hannover_0311_HomeEdition map.
- Falli for the German callsign template.
- Duke and Eisenschwein for their assistance with the organisation and equipment of the Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion c.1989.
- Gibsonm, DarkAngel and xrayzed of BG ANZAC for Beta testing the scenario.
- Falli and PzBtl 911 for their helpful feedback on version 1.0 of the scenario.
Created by Panzer_Leader January 2013.
Your feedback is welcome; please email it to me at rhysheron@hotmail.com.
Slightly modified by Kingtiger for use by Kanium 2017-10-10
Edited by Nike-Ajax

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A66 Leopard 1A5: Mirzayev (Kanium,US)
A65 M113/FO


A1 (Leopard 1A5)
Colebrook (Kanium,ESP)
Rotar (?,US)
A14: Tankenator (?,US)


A16: DBoy/Dlad (Kanium,UK) 


A2 (Leopard 1A5)

A21: Nike-Ajax (Kanium,DK) 
Cavgunner (Kanium,US) (Probably late)



A26: Kknispel (Kanium,DK)   


B1 (SPz Luchs 2A2)
B11: Kingtiger (Kanium,SE)  
B12: Apocalypse 31 (Kanium,US)
B14: Wiglif (Kanium,US)


C1 (TPz Fuchs)
Grenny/Ronin (Kanium/911,DE)
C12: Vicky (?,?) (New in our games)

A4 (M88A1/ARV, M113/Medic)



Reserves (By Trigger):

1 x PLT 4 SPz Luchs 2A2 




Where needed:


Cant make it:

Gunslinger668 (Kanium,CAN)

Just (Kanium,DK) (Probably)

Hedgehog (Kanium/UKArmour,UK)



Hatt (Kanium,DK)

Edited by Nike-Ajax

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3 hours ago, Hedgehog said:

Where needed (Except Fuchs)

I would like to go east, all the times i've played this one I've been north.

You'll enjoy tank stalking in Moordorf. :)

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11 hours ago, Mirzayev said:

I'll take CO. 


My, this is a lot of tanks for a recon operation. :D


Armored Recon - against a strong ENY presence … :)

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10 hours ago, Gunslinger668 said:

I need to cancel, I'll be away from home this weekend

Sorry to hear it, but hope to see you next time.

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Just a thought for ver X.


Perhaps replace the M-88 with a Wisent (or was this changed after publication - I can't remember)?

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2 hours ago, Panzer_Leader said:

Have fun with this one guys. I’d love to take a look at the AAR to see how you go, if you don’t mind?

WILCO - I will send it on SB.


Of course an easier way to do it would be for you to participate?

We would be honored.

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A basic overview of the orders. I'll talk through this tomorrow during the briefing. Sorry for the lack of detail; I've got a lot going on right now at work. 



Edited by Mirzayev

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