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US MRE, German EPA, French and British Combat rations


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Out of discussion with colleagues about my Bundeswehr time I got curious if the combat rations had changed much in the past decade. Does anyone know a cheap source for them? I tried ebay and some military and outdoor shops but the prices are way too high in my opinion. I want to compare the current US, German, French and British ones.

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I have worked with many different nations armies, and found that the main difference is the selection of menu's. Most armies now have generally the boil in the bag type rations, not so 20-30 years ago. I also found that we trade our rations when working together for the fun of eating other's rats, and to mix it up our menus.


Never did like any food in a army green can, or bag, just something about that form of packaging that did not sit well with me.

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Thank you all for your input. I had a bit more luck in the meantime and was able to buy a couple of US, UK, French and German rations for a decent price. What I find lacking about most review videos is the kind of mess kit the different armies use. For example you can't complain about missing cutlery in a German pack when you know that each soldier is issued a standard re-usable set.

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