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Workaround (sort of) for dismounted crews

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Caveat: This is far from perfect.


For a while many of us have been a little frustrated with the inability to model Recce (or other non tank / APC / IFV) crewman dismounting for a close recce or similar task where the entire vehicle isn't required. Given the renewed interest in "sneak and peak" recce vs "recce by overwhelming firepower" I thought this maybe worth sharing.


This is a clunky but workable option and involves effectively giving the vehicle (it needs to be able to carry dismounts) an additional dismount to reflect the crew commander getting "off".


1. In the Mission Editor, create your Recon Troop / Platoon - The attached example scenario uses an AS ASLAV Tp I have created a Template for.




2. Check that the proposed vehicle can mount Troops (If you right click on it - do you see a "Troops" sub menu).




2. a. No menu - stop here. Its not possible so no point in proceeding.

2. b. Menu - proceed


3. Create a Rifle Platoon with the same number of "squads" as you have vehicles. I have 4 x ASLAV-25, so I create a 4 Squad / Section Rifle platoon, with each Squad / Section being a single person.


Note I've adjusted my call sign template so the units can easily be linked to their parent vehicle - e.g. "11" has a dismount "Z11".


4. Dial down the ammunition carried - one guy does not carry an AT weapon a LMG and their personal weapon (esp. as these are meant to represent a crewman getting off for a look around).




5. "Attach" the relevant dismount to their vehicle.


6. "Mount" the attached dismount.


Now when you get somewhere and need to look around you can dismount a "crewman" and he'll have binos and his personal weapon to have a look around.


You could potentially play with this and have the dismount from the Commander's vehicle be a 1 person FO party reflecting their "all arms call for fire" training.


Of course for vehicles with built in dismounts already (e.g. BRDM-2 and MG equipped HMMWV, etc.) you are pretty much ready, just need to consider the "damage if ..." option below.


Anyway have a look and see what you think.


There are limitations:


1. Normally a crewman getting off would mean that the vehicle would be undermanned and would not drive off somewhere else. This is not modelled in SB as the person is basically a passenger.


Result: The Player needs to show some common sense and not deploy the crewman and then abandon him while the vehicle goes somewhere else, seemingly unaffected by the loss of X% of the crew.


In the attached I've had a go at this by damaging the radio if the vehicle "11" is not carrying troops. That is your radio will be broken if you abandon the dismount. It does mean though that the person conducting the dismounted recce will have a radio / map updates. This may or may not be a workable penalty for someone exploiting this loop hole.


2. In my example I couldn't save this unit as a "template" - probably because my adjustment to the call sign template has then coming from different Companies, so if you can figure out a way that would be great.


Dismounted recce crews.sce

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@Gibsonm Definitely good stuff! 


This got me thinking about emulating something similar for a CO's vehicle. Traditionally in a US Cavalry Organization, the CO's vehicle doesn't have dismounts (doctrinally the OPS NCO rides in the CO's vehicle, but I have never seen this in my experience.) I played around a bit in the mission editor, and tweaked some "Damage If" and "Repair If" variables on a CO vehicle so that when there are not dismounts in the vehicle, the Commander and Gunner are "damaged" to reflect them being outside the vehicle. When they mount back up, the Commander and Gunner are "repaired" to simulate the crew being back on the vehicle. 


Of course, this isn't perfect. 1, having dismounts in the vehicle effectively makes the Gunner and Commander invincible in a firefight (they are constantly "being repaired"), and 2, if you lose a dismount, the Commander and Gunner are still "repaired" when they remount since the trigger is for a condition, not a number. I did also try to make the "crew" (dismounts) look like a US AFV Crew, but they kept spawning with AK-47s. 


Finally, as an added bonus (or bug, depending on how you want to look at it), the M3A2 Bradley seems to have developed sentience, and will raise and lower the TOW missile launcher even without a Gunner and Commander.


I see this working for a small number of units; it takes time to input the "repair if" and "damage if" conditions, and the cheese could become unbearable if your entire recon formation has invincible Gunners and Commanders. 


Crew Dismount Test.sce

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