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Armored Brigade - Design Influenced by SB says Dev


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Matrix Games recently released Armored Brigade. In a thread the developer/programmer stated that SB is one of about 5 or 6 wargames that influenced the design of AB. I'm considering buying this game. Which means researching it. I don't bother reading reviews by the game media or by the guys who always seem to get a game free from the publisher. What I do do is read forumns about the game where players hang out and post about the game. Thus when I saw that SB influenced the design I figured it might be time to find out if any SB forum members had played AB yet?


I've watched a number of you tube videos and you can see that the Dev was obviosly influenced by SB - so:


Any of you guys played AB yet. If so what's your take? Is it worth the $39 if so why; if not, why not?


And just so you know I've been playing SB since way back in 2001 or 2002, I forget. A lot of MP at the beginning - none since around 2005 or so. I've owned every vs right up to the latest 4.023 and played 'em all. Some of you may remember me, some may not. Just wanted those that don't to know I'm not an outsider, just a loner. When it come to SB, been there, done that and still doing it - single player.

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I have no intention to buy it.


There is no 3D world view (despite the impression given by the videos), let alone any logistic modelling, etc.


Think of it as a dumbed down version of Combat Mission Shock Force.


I'd say buy TacOps instead.


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Iam sorry but I will not get into to many details, as obviously everybody has there own take on what they expect Armored Brigade is, and I don´t want anybody to "think" Iam pushing or know it all about what I post/say here on SB.  As they say, "opinions are like colors, each likes it own". I will say though that AB is NOT SB. Will also add that the same way that AB has feed from SB, it also shows a Close Combat, CMANO and Combat Mission flavour to it too, but at the same time it´s "nither" of them. One thing to remember though, is that it´s a "wargame" and not a hardcore 3D simulation, thus should by played with a wargame minded atitude, although there is part of it that does have some hardcore simulated data/effect to it.  There´s a bit for everyone, which sometimes limits others preferences.


I will end by adding that there´s no "perfect" game or AI, as there´s hundres of ppl with different ways/preferences of gameplay, so It´s practicaly imposible to satisfy everbody, which I dare say also happens with SB. Also withing the nature of the AB engines limit, there will be changes Iam sure as ppl give there feedback.  After all, it´s just been released...





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