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Post processing heightmaps

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Hello guys, I have a tricky question to make. Although I can't convert maps to SB, I have some ability to work with digital maps. Recently I have been breaking my head trying to post process a heightmap from the area around 73 easting and southern iraq.

The problem is that, as I soon found out, deserts and in particular, this desert region is known to be very shit on every radar based source, srtm, aster, alos... its always extremely bumpy and noisy because of the sand, moisture, rocks..., when in reality its quite flat.


I'm trying to process a heightmap, but I'd already tried numerous methods to denoise it, without much success. I've tried all filters from SAGA (QGIS) like Mesh denoise, I tried simple filters, morpho filters, DTM slope filters with gap filling, I tried photoshopping with blur, gaussian blur, denoise, color denoise....you name it!


Anyone has ideas or suggestions on how I can clean it up properly?




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you would probably do better taking the smoother 90m SRTM data and adding noise to it or adding more detail to it from other data



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