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2.64 Upgrade


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Hey guys!


What's new? Did the game become better?


I played SB several years ago and even made some single player scenarios. For example, you can look them up here: 

I have CodeMeter Stick and want to upgrade license to play again. How do I do that?


Any guides? Advices?

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Welcome back. I am familiar with your mission In Motion, although changes to how the AI operated in the current version may have changed the playability a bit from what was intended.


Go here for the upgrade options. https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1530 


You will need to "Upgrade License from version OLDER than 2.5" for $80. It'll send a 3.0 license to upgrade to for your CodeMeter, and then you will upgrade the CodeMeter to the latest version (4.0). 

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With the purchase of an upgrade license, our web shop will create a "license ticket" (=an email with a link to our WebDepot server). When visiting the ticket you can activate it online (=generate a new Steel Beasts license on your CM stick). For the activation a number of technical prerequisites must be met, which are all described in the Release Notes for version 4.0, and in the following threads:

  1. General information on available license choices
  2. Detailed description of the license activation process (including first steps in troubleshooting, if necessary)
  3. What to do if the ticket email doesn't arrive after purchase
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