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1 hour ago, DK-DDAM said:

please no arma 3 conversion :(

I have always found The East Wind campaign and ArmA 3 universe to be interesting, especially the NATO invasion of Altis.


Using SB to recreate the NATO invasion of Altis means players will have more freedom to apply their own operational art to the situation.


Instead of just leading a squad, you can now lead the entire NATO ground forces Battalion and set your own intermediate objectives - fight how you want.


Or not, nobody says you have to download it.

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41 minutes ago, jens198 said:

This is a rebuild of the Arma3 Altis map in Steelbeasts? Wow! Can you tell us a a little bit on the process of rebuilding (e.g. the heightmap)?



Sorry, not using a custom height map. I'm not that sophisticated. Just hand-drawing the terrain map. Grid by grid from the Altis map.

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On 12/30/2018 at 12:36 AM, Apocalypse 31 said:

Also a custom 1:1 scale map of Eastern Altis. This will take a hot minute to build

Eastern Altis.png

Three years later and I'm nowhere near releasing this project.


2022 - I've hand-placed every object on this map. I've also done a TON of height management work (thanks to the latest tools) - things like creating actual streams with height depictions and ditches. And hand placement of Custom Line Objects to add the finer details of foliage and trees. 





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