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MRS, how it works exactly

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Hello, I'm here to ask how exactly MRS function. I always thought that it was an MRS on gun equipped with mirror wich reflect a laser signal send by LRF in doghouse. I find an internet document, talking about dynamic and static MRS. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214914716301234


For the author, Challenger 2, Leo 2, M1 and K1A1 and so on, are using static MRS, useless in tank movement because vibration. This MRS works only with ambiant light, the MRS's mirror has a reticle, and there is an optic in GPS with same reticle. Both are calibrated, and after that, when you fire, drive in warm region, the reticles differences give input to FCS. I'm okay with that, but what happen in heavy night condition with no ambiant light, the only exception for me is a MRS reticle lighting itself in black area, does it have this thing or not ?


The dynamic MRS, by the author is a MRS working with laser and mirror. This kind of dynamic MRS can be used in movement condition.


So, how exactly MRS works ? I expect answer for M1 and Leo 2, both well know tank. Thank you.

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Another option is to apply fluorescent light powered by a radioactive probe, e.g. tritium, or to mount a light in the doghouse which then follows the same optical path as the reticule. Visit us at ITEC next May (holiday in Sweden, anyone?), and we'll show you how that works. :) 

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