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Camouflaged Fighting pits?

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So with regards to scenario making:


I know how to place, adjust and use fighting pits/scrapes/battle positions/entrechments for fighting vehicles in SB.


BUT … what is exactly the difference between "Camouflaged" and "Not Camouflaged", which are one of the options when right-clicking a placed one?

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I'm not real sure if the AI treats them any differently, but if you select "Not Camouflaged" you'll see what looks like freshly dug soil.  If you pick "Camouflaged" it looks blends in a bit better with the terrain.


Generally speaking I have used to "Not Camouflaged" option to represent ones dug in a big hurry, and "Camouflaged" to represent positions that were pre-dug some time in advance.

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