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11th ACR Mission 1 Delay at Bad Hersfeld V. 2

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14 hours ago, Paladin1CD said:

If possible I’d love a M1 position please. I’ll probably need to be a bit early to make sure I’m set up right. 


You are most welcome 

I will be in a little before gametime in TS to help you out.

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SO … 


Just to verify: 


To the degree its possible, then we will try to rehearse some fundamentals this time. We will do it adhoc and not with a lot of structure but as it fits the scenario. In that vein I will adjust the realism and difficulty to fit that purpose.

I expect it to be more of a masterclass with input and dialogue than any sort of structured lesson. 


I promise you there will be more than enough action for everyone. 

And please give a warm welcome to those who havent played with us before, or where its been a long time.



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10 minutes ago, DomPedro said:

I was having technical issues and had to leave mid mission. I apologize. 



No worries: it happens 


It was good having you there and I hope you had fun despite technical issues - was it the connection or on your end?


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