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Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 
World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - should be adjusted for Winter Time: click the time below for your local time) 

World clock 1900 GMT


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. 

Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance :D 




Operation Icepick
24th of March 2020
SB Mission by Nike-Ajax
I. Situation
0630 Local Time - dawn is just breaking
Clear Skies with no chance of rain, 10 degrees Centigrade and LOS 3500 Km
In light of an direct attack on one of our allies in NATO, Article 5 of the NATO Charter has been evoked. And following that then NATO is now formally at war. As the spearhead in this Area of Operations, than a Spanish Battlegroup has been assembled and deployed in theater. Our Taskforce - Taskforce Tigre - is part of this Battlegroup, and have been assembled to clear the Enemy to our North. We are on our allied Nation´s soil, but all their citizens have either been evacuated, killed in battle with the invaders or have been killed by the invaders since.

The word from our Allied in light of this is, to quote: "Show no restraint and use maximum effort"
We have local air superiority, but are limited to strike planes.
Enemy Forces.
The Enemy Land Forces have roughly a 2 Companies of combat power defending the area, with at least one full tank company (Leopard 2A4) and one company of mechanized infantry (BMP-2´s). These are augmented with dismounted ENY infantry, that are expected to have access to MILANs and M72A4´s and possibly BGM-71 TOWs.
As the ENY have had a limited time to prepare, then we do not expect major Obstacles or minefields, but confidence about that is low - if encountered, then bypass. Regardless of this and given the intel then we do expect them to be entrenched and in a combat stance.
From SIGINT we know that the ENY have access to Artillery in substantial but unknow amounts.
Friendly Forces.
We have other NATO Forces to our EAST and WEST that will push forward and support our attack. So do NOT cross the Taskforce boundaries reference Map trace, to avoid risk of Friendly Fire - this includes the UAV.
Our Taskforce consists of 3 x tank platoons of Leopardo 2E as well as 2 x mechanized infantry platoon of Pizarro, along with a tactical reserve of 1 PLT of VRCC/Centauros and a 1 PLT of BMR-600/Pandur with ERCWS (12,7 HMG).
We have also been augmented with a UAV from Golf Company, 3 x 6 tubes of 155mm howitzers and 6 x 120 mm mortars from Fox Company with its own supply truck (with the howitzers being further back, so off-map), as well as support assets from Hotel Company (repair, supply and medical).
Our dismounted infantry from A COY is equipped with light machine guns (MG3s) and Anti-Tank teams ( 2 x Spike MR & 2 x AT-4). Each MECHINF platoon in A COY thus has 4x LMG teams and 2x Anti-Tank teams plus a medicteam, and are all considered Elite.
A. You have the right to use force to proactively engage any and all ENY targets of opportunity.
B. You are cleared to fire first on all hostile targets or targets with deemed hostile intent, including armed civilians.
C. The force should be used under the circumstances and proportional to the threat.
D. We are at war. Destruction of civilian property has been cleared by the local authorities if CO deems that there is a military value and goal in said destruction, including FIRES in urban areas.
E. All Laws of War are to be observed.

II. Mission
Taskforce Tigre attacks to destroy enemy defenders between PL HAMMER and PL ANVIL to expand the NATO controlled area head and allow friendly forces to continue offensive operations further North.
III. Execution
Concept of the Operation
Alpha Company and with 2 PLT´s from Bravo Company in tactical reserve, will continue to expand our Area of Control and clear Enemy armor, mechanized units and infantry from and around OBJ OMEGA; this will create a defence in depth for our forces and enable the remaining forces to follow up and expand our zones of control.
The Taskforce will attack from the SOUTH and towards NORTHWEST, setting an attack by fire from PL HAMMER, and use own assets to clear OBJ OMEGA.
Commanders Intent
Purpose - The purpose of this operation is to clear the Enemy forces and defeat their will to fight in this AO.
    Key Tasks
        1. Clear OBJ OMEGA
    End State
        Friendly  Friendly forces postured on PL ANVIL; consolidated and prepared to continue operations towards the NORTH and NORTHEAST.
        Enemy   Enemy forces defeated or destroyed between PL HAMMER and ANVIL; unable to continue supporting Enemy forces in the AO.
        Terrain   OBJ OMEGA are cleared of enemy forces.
        Civilian   Not relevant as all LOCAL inhabitants are estimated to be gone
Fox Company has 3 x 6 Tubes of self-propelled 155 mm howitzers that will directly support this operations, from outside of the AO (offmap). Additionally they have allocated Six 120 mm M1064 for use, with integral ammo supply truck. And finally our Air assets will provide 8 CAS strikes.
6 x Tubes of 120mm organic fires under TF CO control (F-1)
3 x 6 x Tubes of 155 mm off-map fires under TF CO control
8 x CAS sorties were awarded during this targeting cycle of the ATO
Taskforce has been given direct support from 1 x UAV (G-1).

IV. Sustainment
Supply              TF will carry forward 1 x resupply vehicles, F-1have 1 x supply vehicle allocated to them. No resupply possible beyond that .
Maintenance   TF will carry forward 1x combat repair team (CRT)
Medical            TF will carry forward 1x foward aid station (FAS)

V. Command And Signal
Sucession of Command
Alpha-66    TF Commander
Alpha-65    TF XO
Alpha-11    1 PLT LDR
Alpha-21    2 PLT LDR
Alpha-31    3 PLT LDR
No Change; as per unit SOP

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TF Tigre Command 

H66 (Leopardo 2E): Mirzayev (Kanium,US) 

H65 (Pizarro):

F65 (M113/FO): Hedgehog (Kanium/UK)


A1 (Leopardo 2E)

A11 Assassin (Kanium,US)  

A12 Cavgunner (Kanium,US)

A13 Teitr28 (Kanium,DK)

A14 Colebrook (Kanium,ESP) 


A2 (Leopardo 2E)

A21 Major Duck (Kanium,DK), Hatchet Jack (?,CAN) (will try, but possibly delayed/cant make it)

A22 SwordsmanDK (Kanium,DK)

A23 Connaugh (Kanium,US)

A24 Roerbaek (Kanium,DK) 



A31 Blue (UO,UAE)Kail (UO,GB)

A32 MGibson (BGANZAC,AS) 

A33 TinfoilHate (UO,US)

A34 BlackHawk (UO,?), Gkenny (UO,?) 


A4 (Pizarro)

A41 Kingtiger (Kanium,SE)

A4SnS/Sjr162 (Kanium/UK) 


A44 Wiglif (Kanium,US) 


A5 (Pizarro)

A51 Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) 


A53 Hatt (Kanium,DK

A54 Dboy (Kanium,UK) 



B2 and B3 (Centauro/Pandur I) (Tactical Reserve) - Will NOT be manned initially unless we fill up the other callsigns

B2 (Centauro)






B3 (Pandur I)






F1 6 x SP MTR with own supply vehicle


H1 -  CSS: Medic, ARV and SUPPLY



Nike-Ajax (Kanium,DK)

No more needed


Where needed:

Tankenator (Kanium,US) (Gunner in a Leopard 2E)


Cant make it:

Grenny/Ronin (Kanium/911,DE)

GaryO (Kanium,US)

Just (Kanium,DK)





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1 hour ago, Kingtiger said:

I do, but the pizzaro is butt F ugly...


She might have a flat Glacis plate, have a chunky posterior and her turret wont win any beauty pageants.

But she is faithful, will work hard for you, never complain and will keep you warm... :x





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