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CR2 CPS LRF - Bug?

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Challenger 2 with GPS Damage only

The Cmdr's Peri LRF seems non functional.


I had the Impression the CPS had it's own seperate LRF?

Or do you need the GPS "Day view" to enter the range data even though the TIS remains operational in the GPS Sight housing?


Seems a bit odd, the CR2's one redundancy "advantage" of having a seperatly mounted TIS head, you can't use the "backup" LRF when the GPS gets whacked.


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I'm not familiar enough with the Challenger 2 to say if it has two LRFs; in the Leopard 2, you don't, and I'm not sure about the M1A2 SEP either. So it's at least quite conceivable that with a damaged main sight you would also lose the rangefinder even if the commander still has his independent sight. Periscopes for the commanders are not primarily intended for system redundancy but to allow tho independent observations of the battlefield with a smooth handover, or target identification (and permission to fire) by the commander. The redundancy in this context would be more of a welcome fringe benefit.


But, you may just as well have found a bug.

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The SEP only has one LRF. So if the GPS is damaged then it should not work however range can be still entered into the FCS by the stadia reticle using the CITV but only after a designate. As far as the CR2 I have not idea. But the CR2 does have two LRF’s so IMO it should be able to still lase from the Cmdr’s Peri even after GPS damage

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To further expand on my original post,

After further investigations.


With the GPS functional

When using the CPS and lasing a different spot to the turret orientation/GPS. (I.E. the CPS is operating independently of the turret, yeah, duh, but remove all doubt)


Text message in the lower line says

"C SURV XXXX"  (where XXXX = Range)


Overriding the GNR onto the CPS location enters this into the FCS (range now appears in both the upper & lower lines)


However with the GPS (only)

Lasing in the CPS does nothing.

Except produce a "SELECT HIGH MAG" message if you're in WFOV


Which is why I ask.

One would assume from the above behaviour the CR2 has 2 x LRF but both stop working when GPS damage occurs.

Que strange.


Either way

I guess I should say thanks for looking at this, and including the CR2.

As its a unique vehicle in the armour world, only 2 countries use it.


Even if its FCS causes numerous head scratching events.

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