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KANIUM SUNDAY 28th OF APR 1800 GMT - The Swedish Tiger strikes back by Nike-Ajax

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KANIUM SUNDAY 28th OF APR 1800 GMT - The Swedish Tiger strikes back by Nike-Ajax

Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 
World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for European Summer Time: click the time below for your local time) 

World clock 1800 GMT


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. 

Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance :D 




Operation Swedish Tiger
1'st of May 2020 
SB Mission by Nike-Ajax 
0. Background


After increasing tensions and clashes in Ukraine, that have led to a flare-up of the war there, then Russia feeling increasingly threatened and under pressure from the west have decided to draw a line. 


It is however a line that hasnt been recognized by the west including NATO and EU, and they have stepped up their military presence in the Baltics. This in turn gave the Russians the excuse they felt they needed and they launched a swift and violent attack on the Baltic states, which fell after a bloody but fairly short Russian campaign. 
During this conflict then Neutral Sweden have come under increasing pressure which includes territorial incursions, but parts of the Swedish parliament that believe dialogue and non-agression is the best solution, have held back and denied a full mobilization. 


A week ago then two Swedish Gripen Fighter planes were again scrambled to repulse Russian airplanes entering Swedish airspace, but this time the Russian planes did not retreat and turned on their targeting radars and got missile lock on the  Sedish planes, which promptly reacted by shooting both the Russian planes down.

The Russians reacted surprisingly belligerently and demanded a demilitarization of Gotland within 24 hours, which Sweden denied - but with a vocal but dwindling minority element of the parliament or Riksdag, demanding that Sweden did not increase its readiness. 


This turned out to be a major mistake, as the Russians invaded Gotland and Eastern Skåne almost exactly 24 hours after their deadline expired. Weakened by political choices and decades of reduced spending, the Swedes were not able to repulse the invasion allthough they did inflict serious casualties on the invaders. The international community have expressed outrage and anger, but mostly in the form of words that were unheeded. And the UN is totally paralyzed and powerless as Russia and China blocks any and all resolutions let alone actions.


The Russians have pushed North and West from their initial landing sites and are now near the town of Ljungbyhed. And even though Sweden stands alone, then it has been decided to let parts of the P7 Regiment stop and if possible inflict heavy losses on the Russian in the hope of buying more time and options. Our citizens have been evacuated and the area fortified: Our fate and hopes rests on you now.


I. Situation 
0430 Local Time 
Lightly Clouded with no chance of rain, 15 degrees Centigrade and LOS 4500 Km 

We are at war, and so far we are not winning. That however is something we hope to change today. 

Our units  - Taskforce Valhall - are part of an Adhoc Battlegroup, mostly drawn from Södra Skånska regementet P7 (an armored regiment), and the remains of other units that have been decimated  by heavy losses, and are now in the vicinity of Ljungbyhed east of Helsingborg in a defensive position and posture oriented East and Southeast.
We have been tasked with first stopping, and then if possible turning the momentum of the enemy through a limited but aggressive counter attack. 
Sadly the Russians outnumber us by a considerable margin. But on a positive side, then we are up against second rate Russian equipment. But they are manned by veterans, their ordnance are modern and their weapons have already killed a number of our soldiers, so do NOT underestimate them. 
Ideally, then we would attrit them with airpower and smart munitions. But we are pressed to the limit, and will have to make do with what we have. 
Taskforce Valhall have been assembled to block, and then - if possible - destroy the Enemy to our East. We have deliberatly not attacked them in this sector yet so as not to show our strength, but they know that we have defences established in the area. But our hope - support by SIGINT and secret Intel given to us by NATO - is that the enemy is under tremendous pressure to achieve a breakthrough, and thus will not be in a defensive formation. Its is the hope of HQ that we can blunt their entire progress if we inflict a significant defeat and losses to them in this sector. 

Our forces are not strong enough to punch through them initially however, so we need to force the Enemy through attrition into a more manageable size. 
Our Combat engineers have not destroyed any bridges, both due to lack of time both also to leave your options for a counterattack open.
We are on our Nation´s soil, but times are desperate so you are cleared to use all weapons at your disposal with extreme prejudice in all of the AO.
Message from HQ is the following: "Soldiers: remember your families, your country and those of your comrades that have already fallen. If you fail and fall, then we have nothing to stop them with. Follow the laws of war ... but ... Show no mercy, because surely none will be given."

Enemy Forces.
The Enemy to our overall front is a Battalion sized(+) Russian Force. From Intel, then this seems to be at least two full Companies of T72B1 and another full company of BMP-2, with additional support and recon troops, and likely further reinforcements - estimated to be at least another COY of MECHINF.
As the ENY are on the attack as part of a bigger offensive, then we do not expect any Obstacles or minefields, confidence about that is HIGH. But we do expect them to be aggressive and in a combat stance.
From SIGINT and experience, then we know that the ENY have access to Artillery in substantial but unknown amounts. 

Friendly Forces.
We have temporary local air superiority, but are limited to 2 strike planes. This is both due to strong local Air defence, but also to attrition of our rotary wing assets. 
We have other Forces to our NORTH (Taskforce Valkyries) and SOUTH (Taskforce Aesir) that will push forward and support our attack. So do NOT cross the Taskforce boundaries N and S reference Map trace, to avoid risk of Friendly Fire and destruction. 
Our Taskforce consists of 3 x tank platoons of STRV122 as well as 2 x mechanized infantry platoon of CV90/40-B, along with a tactical reserve of 1 PLT of Leopard STRV122 and a 1 PLT of CV90/40-B. 
We have also been augmented with a full Company of Infantry and Hemvärn (Homeguards) which will only hold and defend in position (Reference Map trace), and are under BTN Command. These consists of 3 x PLT of INF with 84mm Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifles (CG 551C), and 1 x PLT ATGM with Bofors BILL. These have had their defences reinforced by Combat engineers, which have put up obstacles including 3 minefields (reference Maptrace), abatis and more. 
We also have 3 x 6 tubes of Archer - FH77BW L52 155mm SP howitzers, which have a full range of rounds, including Two (2) FASCAM missions (with a Self-destruct time of 30 min) and 6 x 120 mm mortars with its own supply truck (with the howitzers being further back, so off-map), as well as support assets from HQ Company (repair, 2 x supply and medical). 
Our dismounted infantry from B COY is equipped with light machine guns (FN MAGs) and Anti-Tank teams ( 2 x CG 551C (Even), 2 x FGM-148 Javelin (Odds)). Each MECHINF platoon in A COY thus has 4x LMG teams and 4x Anti-Tank teams plus a medicteam, and are all considered Elite. 

A. You have the right to use force to proactively engage any and all ENY targets of opportunity.
B. You are cleared to fire first on all hostile targets or targets with deemed hostile intent, including armed civilians.
C. The force should be used under the circumstances and proportional to the threat.
D. We are at war. Destruction of civilian property has been cleared by the local authorities if CO deems that there is a military value and goal in said destruction, including FIRES in urban areas.
E. All Laws of War are to be observed. 

II. Mission
Taskforce Valhall Blocks Enemy attack, and then on TF CO´s initiative and order, attacks to destroy enemy defenders between PL GUNGNIR and PL MJOLNIR to stop or slow the Russian offensive, and create depth in the Swedish defence and if possible allow friendly forces to continue offensive operations further North and South, or at least consolidate own defences. 
III. Execution 
Concept of the Operation:
Taskforce Valhall with 2 PLTs in tactical reserve and supported by a company of infantry including ATGMs, will Block the enemy attack. 
Having stopped the enemy attack, the Taskforce on TF CO´s initiative and orders will then attack from the WEST and towards EAST, setting an attack by fire from PL GUNGNIR towards PL MJOLNIR, and use own assets if possible to clear the AO of the Enemy.  
This will create a defence in depth for our forces and enable the remaining forces to follow up and expand our zones of control. 

Commanders Intent 

Purpose - The purpose of this operation is to block, and then clear the Enemy forces and defeat their will to fight in this AO. 
    Key Tasks
         1. Block the Enemy Attack vicinity PL GUNGNIR
         2. Counterattack and Clear to PL MJOLNIR 
    End State
        Friendly  Friendly forces postured on or in vicinity of  PL MJOLNIR; consolidated and prepared and able to continue operations towards the EAST.
        Enemy    Enemy forces defeated or destroyed between PL GUNGNIR and PL MJOLNIR, unable to support Enemy forces in the AO.
        Terrain    All tactically commanding terrain features in friendly hands and cleared of enemy forces.
        Civilian    Not relevant as all LOCAL inhabitants are estimated to be gone 
We have 3 x 6 Tubes of self-propelled 155 mm howitzers that will directly support this operations, from outside of the AO (offmap). Additionally there have been allocated Six (6) 120 mm self-propelled Mortars for use, with integral ammo supply trucks. And finally our Air assets will provide 8 CAS strikes. 
6 x Tubes of 120mm organic fires under TF CO control (F-1)
3 x 6 x Tubes of 155 mm off-map fires under TF CO control
8 x CAS sorties were awarded during this targeting cycle of the ATO 


IV. Sustainment
Supply              TF will carry forward 2 x resupply vehicles, F-1have 2 x supply vehicle allocated to them specifically. No resupply possible beyond that .
Maintenance   TF will carry forward 1x combat repair team (CRT)
Medical            TF will carry forward 1x foward aid station (FAS) 


V. Command And Signal
Succession of Command
Hotel-66    TF Commander
Hotel-65    TF XO
Alpha-11    1 PLT LDR/A
Alpha-21    2 PLT LDR/A
Bravo-11    1 PLT LDR/B
No Change; as per unit SOP






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H66 (STRV122) - HELLRAISER: Mirzayev (Kanium,US)

H65 (CV90/40-B):

P65 (FO90): Snakeshi* (?,US)


A1 (STRV122)

A11 Assassin (Kanium,US)

A12 Tankenator (Kanium,US)


A14 Colebrook (Kanium,ESP)


A2 (STRV122)

A21 Major Duck (Kanium,DK), T. Frankowski (?,US) 

A22 Just (Kanium,SE) - will hopefully make it and if so then A22

A23 Connaugh (Kanium,US)

A24 Roerbaek (Kanium,DK), Pyro (?,DK)








B1 (CV90/40-B)

B11 Kingtiger (Kanium,SE)

B12 SnS (Kanium,UK)

B13 Hoggydog (?,?)

B14 Wiglif (Kanium,US)


B2 (CV90/40-B)

B21 Grenny/Ronin (Kanium,DE)

B22 Dboy (Kanium,UK)


B24 Hedgehog (Kanium,UK)


A4 and B3 (STRV122/CV90/40-B) (Tactical Reserve) - Will NOT be manned initially unless we fill up the other callsigns

A4 (STRV122)






B3 (CV90/40-B)







P1 - 6 x SP MTR with own supply vehicle

H1 - CSS: Medic, ARV and SUPPLY x 2

H2 - 2 x Bieber Bridgelayers



Nike-Ajax (Kanium,DK)

No more needed


Where needed:


Cant make it:




(16/17) (+1)


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22 minutes ago, Mirzayev said:

Yeah, I'll take H66, henceforth known by the callsign of Hellraiser, because late '80s horror films are cool.


Of note, I can always use an XO and an FSO. Don't worry, I can keep them busy. 😁


Thanks - and yeah, there is a lot of Boomboom to keep active for a FO 😊

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Latest from HQ:


"In light of your mission requirements, and availability of other assets, then you have been assigned with 2 x Bieber Bridgelayers for optional use at your discretion. Be advised that the Combat Engineers have stated that there seems to be multiple possible natural crossingpoints of the waterway to the east of your present position, without the need for fording equipment."

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2 hours ago, JUST said:

Hi guys.

Just moved to Southern sweden and ready to fight for my new Country.

I hope I can make it home on time for this one. I might be a bit late, but if possible I'll take A22. 





Sounds good - we will cross fingers and toes, not necessarily at the same time 😀

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On 4/22/2019 at 1:15 AM, Mirzayev said:

Yeah, I'll take H66, henceforth known by the callsign of Hellraiser, because late '80s horror films are cool.


Of note, I can always use an XO and an FSO. Don't worry, I can keep them busy. 😁

I'll take an FSO slot if any additional, attached to Mech Inf. PLT if available. I'd like to do recce and bda with INF for XO/CO.


Edited by snakeShi*
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9 hours ago, snakeShi* said:

I'll take an FSO slot if any additional, attached to Mech Inf. PLT if available. I'd like to do recce and bda with INF for XO/CO.


Hmm … as always I will try to give people what they want. Not entirely sure how to swing it with this scenario: @Mirzayev and @sjr162 Do you have any input on this?

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