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More Leopard 2A5 EMES problems [FIXED]

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So these are yet additional weird things I found from Leopard 2A5 (these bugs seem to have connections with some of the previous findings btw)

Earlier I found out that turning of commanders TIM, greatly improves quality on both daysight and thermal image on EMES, and that I reported in forum.

Now I found out following.


1# New Focus feature is connected to EMES daysight quality.   If gunner adjust focus on thermal, or commander tells AI gunner to -  Daysight quality on commanders monitor (EMES) is affected.  And turning TIM off, turns off this connection between thermal focus  and poor EMES daysight quality on commanders monitor







2# and 3# are related to having or not having a player as gunner in vehicle you command.


2#  If there is player in gunners position Commander will see reticle on Gunners auxiliary extension (EMES) when on high magnification on thermal. -  When there is no player as gunner but just AI - Commander doesn't see reticle when zoomed in.


3# When there is player as gunner, Commander is able to have an extra level of zoom on gunners auxiliary extension in thermal imager mode by doing both  pressing N key, and telling human player to go to high magnification. 





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