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Steel Beasts has stopped loading when I try to start it

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When I try to start Steel Beast it stays on a white loading screen indefinitely and it doesn't give me any error messages.

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In the Windows Start menu, go to eSim Games/Steel Beasts/Troubleshooting. In it are two Steel Beasts icons, "debug mode", and "safe mode".


Try the "debig mode" icon first. At least it will give us a protocol of the boot sequence (from the point where the logging is actually started, that is). In your Documents folder /eSim Games/Steel Beasts/logs you would find the most recent "debugLog.txt" file. Would be interesting to know what the last few lines in it are.


Once you have done this, try the "safe mode". Hopefully that'll fix things. If not, think of recent changes to your system (did you apply a mod, Windows Update, ...); typically programs don't stop working on their own. There's always a cause.

The last resort might be a reinstallation, although I usually do not recommend that as all. In this case, if everything else fails, it might be appropriate through.

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