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Contagious damage

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@Gibsonm has elsewhere offered a workaround that simulates the dismounting of an ASLAV-25 commander from his vehicle to perform recce afoot. And it works great. But in experimenting with the function, which involves assigning "damage if/repair if" conditions to the vehicles, I discovered that when you combine those vehicles into a unit with other vehicles that DON'T have the conditions, the conditions seem to "infect" all of the vehicles in the formation.


Test .sce below. The 6-vehicle platoon (troop?) of ASLAV-25s and ASLAV-PCs is set so the ASLAV-25s have a single dismountable soldier to simulate the vehicle commander. When he's dismounted, the intent is for the crew commander and vehicle radio to be "damaged" to simulate his absence. The "damage" is "repaired" when/if he returns. The two PCs in the formations, however, do NOT have these conditions applied.


Now, combine/attach the six vehicles into one unit -- either in the planning phase or at runtime. 


You'll find that, at runtime, NONE of the vehicles gets the intended radio/commander damage upon dismount while the unit is consolidated.


But if you separate a vehicle from the pack, it will lose its commander/radio when you dismount -- even the PC's, which had not been programmed to do this before consolidation.


Boiled down to its simplest form: Attaching a vehicle without damage/repair-if logic to one that has it will cause both to have it when later divided. (Maybe I should have said that to start with).



ASLAV25 dismounts test 4_023 Damage.sce

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