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Kanium Sunday - Clearing Khalis by Apocalypse

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KANIUM SUNDAY 2nd of June 1800 GMT - Clearing Khalis by Apocalypse

Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 
World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for European Summer Time: click the time below for your local time) 

World clock 1800 GMT


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. 


Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance :D 




Clearing Khalis
by Apocalypse

a. A battalion-sized element from the 18th Ahuristani Armored Brigade has established a defense around the city of Baqubah, with company-sized elements, consisting of Rifle Squads and T-55A tanks. Enemy forces are established in Company-sized battle positions along pieces of key terrain to protect the rear support-zone of Baqubah, but their exact disposition is unknown. 


b. Friendly forces are assembling for a Division-sized attack to clear the 18th Division from the city of Baqubah and continue to the north. In this sector, Team Kanium will lead this attack by conducting a flank attack into the Khalis Pocket in order to isolate Baqubah and prevent enemy forces from interferring with 2nd Battalion's attack into Baqubah. 


c. Independent fighter groups are conducting attacks against the 18th Division rear area - hence, such a large force from the 18th Division in the support zone. We recieved a phone call from an Imam in Balad Ruz who claims that fighter groups will begin emplacing IEDs along key intersections and roads within the next 15 minutes. This action is intended to disrupt the 18th Division, but could also hamper our freedom of movement along the roads. It is highly encouraged to visit the Imam and see if he can apply influence with the independent fighter groups. [NOTE: Dismounts can only speak with the Imam - 2 minutes for trigger]
Team Kanium conducts a flank attack to destroy enemy forces in the Khalis Pocket.
a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to clear the Khalis pocket of enemy forces so that 2nd Battalion has freedom of maneuver within Baqubah and enemy forces are prevented from interferring with 2nd Battalions attack into Baqubah. 
b. Key Tasks 
1. Seize the Baqubah Bridge to provide mobility for future operations.
2. Clear enemy forces from Khalis Village (we suspect the enemy is using this village for command and control of the rear area) 
3. Clear enemy forces from Khalis Farmland (we have information that this area is being used as a staging area for reinforcements into Baqubah)
c. End State 
i. Terrain. Khalis Farmland and village are cleared seized  
ii. Friendly: Friendly forces have freedom of maneuver within Baqubah. 
ii. Enemy: Elements of the Ahurastan 18th Armored Brigade are unable to interfere with friendly, follow-on forces. 
iii. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life.  
d. Fires 
Organic Mortars (6x 120mm)


No Change; as per unit SOP

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Team Kanium Command 

H66 (Shot´Kal):  Nike-Ajax (Kanium,DK)

H65 (Shot´Kal): 


A1 (Shot´Kal)

A11 Colebrook (Kanium,ESP)

A12 Assassin (Kanium,US) 

A13 Roerbaek (Kanium,DK)

A14 Connaugh (Kanium,US)


A2 (Shot´Kal)

A21 Hedgehog (Kanium,UK)

A22 Dlad (Kanium,UK)


A24 Hoggydog (UKarmour,?)








B1 (M113G4-DK)





B2 (M113G4-DK)






A4 and R1 (Shot'Kal/M1025 HMMWV):  (Tactical Reserve) - Will NOT be manned initially unless we fill up the other callsigns


A4 (Shot´Kal)






R1 (M1025 HMMWV)







P1  6 x SP MTR 

H1 - CSS: Medic, ARV and SUPPLY x 2



No OPFOR this time


Where needed:


Cant make it:

Gibsonm (BGANZA,AU)

Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) (probably)

Kingtiger (Kanium, SE)

Just (Kanium,SE)

SnS (Kanium,UK)






To reiterate: We ALWAYS have room for new guys, both with the game and with MP, so dont be shy.

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26 minutes ago, sjr162 said:

is this still going ahead?



Yes would be my tentative answer. 


From experience then its worse to cancel than adjust the scenario. 

So depending on numbers I will tweak the difficulty down, and let it roll.

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So manning is beginning to shape up and look better.


We still however need a CO.


I could do it. But that would be a less than ideal solution as I have tweaked the scenario, so not so much fun for me.

We could also use a few more good men.

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Also due to lack of any candidates, then I will take the spot as CO. And I will also control the Mechinf. 


And the scenario goes on ...




We might possibly need to move 1 guy from A2 to A1, but thats it.


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Connaugh is the only Yank in our Tanks


It would ease the supply situation, we'd only need Tea, rather than Tea & Coffee. (So long as Me & Hoggy are in the same unit, I don't mind)


Edited by Hedgehog
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On 5/31/2019 at 12:30 PM, Nike-Ajax said:

So manning is beginning to shape up and look better.


We still however need a CO.


I could do it. But that would be a less than ideal solution as I have tweaked the scenario, so not so much fun for me.

We could also use a few more good men.

I can do Co and A1 if there is no volunteer.

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