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Vista64 / FPS


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Got me a new computer, and i was happy.

Processer - Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53GHz 3MB S-775

Motherboard - ASUS P5KPL Intel G31 S-775

Memmory - 4GB DDR2 PC6400 800MHz 1. Part (4x1GB)

Grafikcard - 512MB Inno3D GeF 9800GT GDDR3 PCI-E

Harddisk - 500GB Maxtor 7200rpm 32MB SATA2

PSU - 650W Energon EPS-650 120mm

Operating System - Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

But then the shit hit the fan:

SB Pro PE is running like shit with average FPS about 10-15, somtimes it drops way below 10, I've tried a lot of .sce and the only time i see a fair FPS >30 is with Visibility set below 1000m.

Is because of Vista64 or did i miss something in my setup ?

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I have Vista64 and an 8800GTX graphics card,

I had this problem with the latest drivers from Nvidia.

I have reverted to using the 175.19 drivers which are working fine.

The following settings in the Nvidia control panel with these drivers should also improve things, which I spent some time tweaking and configuring for SB:

Anisotrophic Filtering - 4x

Antialiasing Gamm Correction - Off

Antialiasing Mode - Override any application settings

Antialiasing Setting - 4x

Antialiasing - Transparency - Off

Conformant Texture Clamp - Use hardware

Error Reporting - Off

Extension Limit - Off

Force Mipmaps - Trilinear

Maximum Pre-rendered Frames - 0

Multi-display\Mixed GPU acceleration - Single display performance mode

Texture Filtering - Anisotrophic Filtering sample optimisation - On

Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias - Allow

Texture Filtering - Quality

Texture Filtering - Trilinear optimisation - off

Threaded Optimisation - On

Triple Buffering - On

Vertical Sync - Force Off

I hope this will be helpful


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Thanks all, especially "stalintc" for that recipe, must have taken some time to do, i am an old retard on that area now.

Did try Nvidia 175.19 driver but the 9800 card dont take it, the recipe did it more slow, så back to standard.

Will try again with my Nvidia8800GT when it get back from repair ( cooler dead ).

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Good news :) pleased to hear it!

It was the drops to 15 - 20 fps that caused me to go back to the older driver which worked well on my card.

That driver you mention does exactly that on my 8800 however be warned I have had quite a few problems with the graphics driver crashing during mid game, especially with Armed Assault.

Hopefully it wont do that to you though!

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I have had quite a few problems with the graphics driver crashing during mid game, especially with Armed Assault.

Serves you right Stalin. This is supposed to be a forum for the premiere Armour Simulation SB PRO and SB PRO PE thererfore anyone who has aspirations to be a grunt deserves to have graphic card/driver problems. LMFAO


p.s. I still havn't got past the firing range yet LOL

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It may have more to do with poor availability of WinXP with newer machines*, than a definate choice for 'newer&better', although the 64 bit version is probably selected from the choice of Vista O/S for supporting bigger files/application limits. This may be important in the future, (and I have actually run into the 2Gb limit in XP several times), but right now I doubt it makes up for driver unavailability/quality.

* Microsoft have announced ending support for XP several times.

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Personally I see few redeeming qualities in Vista. But maybe that's because I'm a conservative old fart. DirectX 10 support isn't worth it. I'd stick with XP for as long as it is possible, hopefully until after "Windows 7" or whatever they will finally call it in Redmond will be released.

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Being a long time Windows user. I was one of those who hated Vista when it came out. But after I got used to it, its not as bad as everyone says it is. I have yet to have a major crash, or system failure. I only have problems with some programs because Vista just wont reconize them because of the age of the program. But I will say vista has saved my system a few times with its really good backup system. Its on board security systems can be a bit excessive but they arent as bad as they are made out to be. The key to Vista's success on my machine, I think is more to case temps. Vista and my HP case cause ALOT of heat build up. Before my last fan upgrade, I was seeing board temps at around 130-170F. Now they stay down in the low 90s high 80s. But I added 2 fans inside the case and some better ventilation.... Its amazing what a dremal can do.

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I don't say that Vista is crap, yet I see little in it that XP doesn't already do in a satisfactory manner (except the backup). The new and rather paranoid security architecture in Vista makes the access to non-critical system files a pain (like, access to the maps folder of SB Pro), and the requirement for certified drivers both atomizes the driver world and slows down the pace of their development considerably, with a resulting lesser quality (as has been demonstrated in this thread's starting topic). Vista requires at least 2 GByte of RAM to run with approximately the same gaming performance as XP can with 256 or 512 MByte.

On the plus side, I see fancier looks and a more reasonable management of the program folder representation in the Start menu.

Maybe all this identifies me as an ignorant, but what else that is of practical value does Vista offer over XP, especially that it outweighs the drawbacks of requiring faster hardware for the same performance and the reduced quality of graphics card drivers?

The value of DirectX 10 lies in the eye of the beholder, of course. If all DirectX 10 games automatically looked as good as Crysis (without its excessive hardware requirements), Vista would be a no-brainer for gamers. As it stands, Crysis looks almost as good with DirectX 9 and runs with much higher frame rates. You draw your own conclusions.

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Dear Forum.

SB run very smooth on vista 64 sp1 ultimate, the big problem is the drivers every time.

I have in the past had the following graphic cards.:

qty 2 x Nvidia 8800gtx ( Running SLI )

qty 2 x Nvidia 9800gx2 ( running quad SLI )

MSI Radeon 4870gx2 ( im running SLI )

Steelbeasts and SLI = No go

In general SLI is really bad for SB and its not enough to just configure your nvidia sytemtools so that you just run with one gpu or 2 or 3... you have to turn off SLI to get the best result. The only card of the above that work perfect with SLI or CrossfireX as its named on the radeon 4870 series i just call it SLI.

My experience with the 8800gtx card..:

Well the 8800gtx is a really good card, unfortunatly the drivers have been bad for a long time but its starting to be okay. Some of the old drivers like the 158.xx if I recall it correctly that came standard with the card actually work perfect with SB and you can run the game at almost maximum graphics.

Unfortunatly pretty much every single driver since then are bad with SB but good with most other newer games and also fix alot of bugs, but not the graphics in SB... As someone wrote in here then you can ofcourse tweak your card by enabling something and disabling some other things and then it might work but to be honest the old driver is to be prefered.

Nvidia 9800gx2

Well the 9800gx2 is a really powerfull and fantastic card and its actually 2 cards in one that is why its named gx2 so you can run SLI with just 1 card in your computer so to speak. Well again its a really good card for pretty much all games on the market but unfortuanly not SB... with this card you cannot run SB in SLI mode you have to disable it and it does also not work properbly if you just edit the nvidia control panel and choose to run with 1 core or 2, 3,4 ect. Disable SLI is the only good working option.. Again you can tweak the game with the setting and this maybe help you.

Unfortuantly there are no really good drivers for the 9800gx2 not even the original one.

Ofcourse you can run the game okay with a 20fps but it will go up and down all the time and some views like the termal view and the commander view is sometimes running with 5fps near buildings ect.

Also some maps are terrible since some of the texture on the trees ( a naked tree ) simply make it impossible to play the game due to low fps... Well the nvidia 9800gx2 is great with everything except SB.

Radeon 4870gx2..:

I just bought this hardware yesterday and ran SB right away..

Its simply perfect Im running SB with maximum fps 62,5 all the time not matter the setting view distance ect. everthing run so smooth.

This hardware run SLI as default and it just work perfect.

Also all games I tried today except Armed assault ( had to run it in window mode ) work perfect, and even in FSX flight simulator I have the same Fps as I did with the 9800gx2 running quad sli ( pice of crap not wort the money ) it run so smooth and stable.

Well the ati radeon 4870gx2 is really really really good and a good advice from me to you would be to consider buying this card.

I have been an nvidia fan since the company started many years ago but i have to admit i bought the 4870gx2 ati since I was tired of the screen drivers crashing all the time. Well Im very happy about the radeon im not going back to nvidia anytime soon..


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Hi all

Just got the Missus to agree to forking out some serious cash for a new PC.

I've got my eyes on the following spec:

Intel Q9550 Quad Core CPU 11.32ghz 12mb Cache 1333mhz

8gb DDR2 Memory

750Watt PSU

500gb Serial ATA 16mb Cache SATA2 HDD

20x Lightscribe DVD Writer

Nvidia 9500GT 1024mb Graphics Card

Vista 64bit home premium OS

I know this should eat SB for breakfast however I am aware of some driver issues with vista is this now settled or should I not expect this insatallation to be plain sailing??


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It depends if the version of the graphic drivers is SB friendly or not...

Best case, it works fine out of the box. Worst case you need to uninstall the graphics card driver and replace with a different version known to give good performance.

At this point I dont see anywhere on the forum where ppl have found a good driver for the GTX 9500 card.

Irish. If SB is your main game, you should look around the forum and grab a card that ppl stated runs good with SB and Vista. I'd advice not to take a chance, since it seems to be more often that not that a card doesent work good with SB/Vista.

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If I had to make a choice I would probably pick a dual core CPU with a slightly higher speed rather than a quad core for the same price. Few applications really benefit from more than one core.

With that monster PSU (I'm decidedly undecided that it really is necessary to pick such a big one; remember, the less of its nominal power output you actually use, the less efficient it works; PSUs should be selected to offer about 20% more power than a full load on CPU and graphics card can produce with HDD and other drives idling) ... but, IF you insist on it I would rather pick a Radeon HD 3850. Quite powerful yet not totally insane with power consumption.

But hey, I'm a conservative old fart when it comes to picking components.

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Hi All

Thanks for the advice. I wasn't just trying to be extravagant I am looking to do some work with video editing hence one reason for the high specs. Also, as I dont often change my hardware, 6 years ago last time, is it not prudent to buy the biggest and baddest that you can afford now in order to "future proof" and hopefully "stay with the pack" for as long as I can.


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When I was putting together my last machine, I looked at the price vs performance, especially for the CPU. IIRC the difference between 2.4 and 3.0 GHz CPU was something like $700. So even though I could have afforded the 3.0, I just didn't see a reason for spending that much more on something that wasn't going to give me a significant performance increase. But hey, everyone (and everyone's budget) is different. :)

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