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My new Toy!


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You would be very welcome. It will however be a good idea to let me know beforehand.


It is possible to find our activity calenders on this page:



Click one of the AKOS XXXX links to get it for the relevant year.


The next is in English for our non Danish reading readers.


Everyone is welcome to visit us on Skruedag and Skruesøndag. On the days where Skruedag is followed by , Guide there is a Guide present, ready to show around and tell about what we have and what we do. At Åben Hus we normally show everything we have and do an attack demo and other activities. 

Currently due to an unfortunate accident last year, only maintenance related driving is allowed for all Danish Military owned historic vehicles. Such as brake tests and steering controls. Most of the vehicles we have are on loan from the Danish Military.

Skruedag is our Tuesday workday, where there usually is activity from around 14:00 to about 19:00-20:00

Skruesøndag is our once a month weekend workday. Usually activity starts at around 10:00 and goes on to about 16:00-18:00.


Other activities listed are, pending public driving permissions, out of house events, where there can be static displays, performances, get a ride and other stuff. Some of them are internal activity announcements and others are notification of other's use of the Army training area and facilties that we are a part of. 

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I told earlier that I had the sim up and running with 4 screens with 4GB Ram.

This is a video from that day.


Workday 28/6-2020 at GHRVPK. To be seen: Leopard 1, M41 DK1, Centurion and Steel Beasts Pro PE simulator set up in a Leopard 1A3 procedures training turret. Warning! Loud at times.


I decided to do a Ram upgrade and had hoped to find 2 4GB sticks, but I could only find 2 2GB sticks. It took a while to get them but on 14/7 I fought with installing them. You can read about that here:


Changing the Displayport to HDMI cable got the system with 8GB Ram and all 4 screens running.

Here is a video from the work at GHRVPK 19/7 2020. Centurion brake test and tucking in a Leopard 1. Also loud bits!



Happy Simming




Yesterday I got all of the screens running on the Simulator.

The extra 4GB ram did improve things but there are still some stuttering.

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We have gotten a new PC with Windows 10 for the sim and eSim Games have kindly donated an upgrade to SB Pro PE, so now we are running with version 4.265.




We hit a couple of snags on the way, but now we are fully up and running with all 4 screens.


I intended to use Windows 8.1 but that is not supported by the new CPU, so I had to upgrade to Windows 10.


Bummer! Win 10 is not seeing the grip! It still works in Win 8.1. Hmmm. I contacted AFVSim, that did the USB conversion of the grip about drivers for Win 10.

Since the old interface PCB used is not supported by Win 10, AFVSim chose to send a new interface PCB that was swapped with help from one of our EMEC guys.


I had some trouble with cloning one of the screens but a swap from VGA to DVI cable solved that. (SB multiple screens tut. in the works) 


I am working on some guides for our guests, so I wont have to repeat all of the jazz each time.


The first Danish one



And a WIP UK version



It is great to be fully up and running.


We have also had our first guests trying it. At first the kids where hesitant and only the dad was itching for a go. In the end both kids and both parents got a ride and they all enjoyed it. 

I have to give my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to eSim Games and AFVSim for helping us with giving joy and pleasure to our guests.


Happy Simming


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