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Counterstroke: The Continuation

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I haven't found the time as yet to gin up a new scenario for the next mission, and to be honest the last couple haven't lived up to everyone's expectations.

I blame real-life and attendant commitments, but that still leaves hanging the question of what to do about the rest of the campaign.

The choices approximately narrow themselves down to:

Playing one more and calling it a campaign;

Putting the thing on hold until the end of January, then picking up where we left off;

Ending it here and now, then sometime in the spring of next year starting up a new campaign.

I should mention that the options aren't necessarily mutually-exclusive; we could play one more and then start something new in the spring, for example.

I'd still like to hear what you all who have been playing the thing have to say. Counterstroke was, is, and like anything else I might do; will be for the enjoyment of as many as can be had. Where you all go, I will lead, or something; but I'd like to hear what the voice of the players have to say about the matter before going any further.

BTW, Counterstroke will not be played this Saturday coming.


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I would like to see both sides battle it out on the terrain that they would have had to fight on. Sure the east is difficult. However both sides would have had to deal with this in the 80's and over come any difficulties.

We still don't know if NATO could have pushed back WARSAW from the motherland to the fatherland.:biggrin:

Also we should play till x-mas, and if still room to beat the commie's, start again after the new years.

Just my 2 cents

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oldtimers kicking in
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I would like to play at least one more mission, then conclude the campaign. This gives the CS series a definative ending. Then, once the organizers have had some time off, come out with a new campaign in the new year. This would also provide some time for everyone to familiarize themselves with the new features in the next update.

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