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Steel Beast Gold

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I'll park the obvious "Why would you want to?" question.


These might provide some pointers:




But I'm pretty sure the official SB support concept does not extend to supporting the running of 19+ year old software in a current Operating System.


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Tech support for Steel Beasts Gold was suspended more than ten years ago. There's a multitude of factors to be considerred, starting with the fact that it's a DirectX 7.0A application, with 8 bit color mode (which graphics card drivers stopped supporting a decade ago), made for Windows 95 and 98 which could still be made to run under Windows XP in compatibility mode. Then there was the issue with the application launcher that the publisher created for it which alone caused extra trouble, and it's not even our own application.


So - no. I can't help you.

My only recommendation is to try out SB Pro PE, which is better in pretty much every single aspect.

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6 hours ago, frankiekam said:

Hi Chopper8237


If you still enjoy a trip down nostalgia lane with Steel Beasts Legacy/Gold, then do drop by my Tribute website at


I compiled over 40 reviews of Steel Beasts Gold from all over the Internet. In 25 years from now, I'll be doing a tribute website for Steelbeasts Pro PE 4.1. 


See ya

Frankie Kam



thx !

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