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when the release?


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It's just one more license ticket to activate, nothing more.


In the past it sometimes was complicated by the necessity for first generation CM sticks to also have their firmware updated, but if you have a version 4.0 license and it works, the 4.1 license can be applied without additional maintenance.

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Well I'm planning on the 31st and then if it comes out earlier I'll be pleasantly surprised.


I suspect locking in a fixed date / time is fraught with risk as there are always last minute issues and in the overall scheme of things a day or two, either way, doesn't really matter.


Also this seems to be a duplicate of your other thread here:



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Just to close the loop.


From here:


On 7/3/2019 at 7:30 AM, Ssnake said:

Not within the next nine days.


Therefore, Not Before 12 July.


Of course now there will be concerns as to whether that's 0001 GMT, or 0001 East Coast US time, or .... ;)


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This time i will wait till its actually released before i book a couple of days off to really explore the many new features.

Two days of continuous virtual warfare. cant wait.

First thing i will check out is how the T-14 will stand against the best of the west.

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Okay, I can now confirm that 4.1 Release Day will be

  • not before Monday 22nd
  • probably on Wednesday 24th
  • no later than Monday 29th

Final build will be this week, then there's one week for final tests and production of the bundles, commissioning the bundles, shipping.

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