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when the release?


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On 7/9/2019 at 9:06 PM, Ssnake said:

Okay, I can now confirm that 4.1 Release Day will be

  • not before Monday 22nd
  • probably on Wednesday 24th
  • no later than Monday 29th

Final build will be this week, then there's one week for final tests and production of the bundles, commissioning the bundles, shipping.

Ha I will be on holiday in Germany!! Maybe I should drive by and pick up a hard copy LOL


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9 hours ago, Koen said:

Releasedate of the releasenotes: any view maybe ?



Well given the amount of concurrent competing tasks that Ssnake and the team have to do, I'd guess sometime on the 22nd, since you can't publish the Release Notes until you have the Release version of the product.


I think I read somewhere that he was trying to compress the bug logs etc. down from XXX hundred pages to something more concise, while others are clamouring for more videos, etc. ;)


There you are:



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38 minutes ago, Chiquito said:

it is still scheduled for today the map to download?


I doubt it.


Its now "Friday" GMT time and its almost Friday afternoon here.


I'm going with it will be there, when its there. Not like I can use it until Tuesday anyway.


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17 minutes ago, JLSPENCER02 said:

Just got a package arrival date and time notification from the USPS for the pre-ordered enroute to the house... so check your mailboxes by Monday, 29 July 2019. See you on the battlefield soon.

Ok, how did you get a tracking number from eSims? There was no tracking number in the email from eSims?


It probably wont matter here, Colorado still uses Pony Express when delivering mail out in the mountains :D  

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Yes. Our shipping office did some overtime and managed to send out all preordered packages by today. :)


Of course, people in Texas will probably receive their copies before customers in the rest of the US, and they will get it before customers abroad. But we can't stagger shipments for synchronous arrival all over the world - I'm sure you all understand that. :)

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