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Im out of the loop, whats to be expected in the new version?


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Perhaps whatch these:



Changes to Infantry teams:




More on Cratering:


If you watch this frame by frame and full screen you'll get some insights:


In this one a whole bunch on things are brought together into a video vignette:


AATV, CSS and C2:


Anti air and Frag effects:


Weather, BTR-82A, and Performance (frame rate, LOS distance, etc.):


BMP B-11, some more weather and terrain. Improved landmine graphic:




New Russian gear: BMP T-15, ARV T-16, BTR B-10. Plus hopefully no more bleating about water and at least one Active Protection System:


Snow, AI pathfinding (two way traffic passing happily on a road) and some more vehicles. Oh yes and MLRS firing:


Ambulance update (dismountable medics, F8 control ...):



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