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BG ANZAC Casual Sunday - 07 JUL 0700GMT

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After last week's succesfuly trial, BG ANZAC is running another Sunday afternoon activity this weekend, but commencing slightly earlier at 0700 GMT (1700 for East Coast Australia).


This will not be the usual Teach / Discuss followed by Application of the Thursday nights.


This will be more free flowing and similar to the "Ad Hoc" sessions held by others, but at a more "Australian Friendly" timing.


Your Local time: Click on this link for the Local time in your part of the world


Count down: Time remaining until Meeting start


IMPORTANT:  As a serving Officer, I am not allowed to make "public comment" about topics without clearance. This is why my signature block says what it says to cover written comment.


Recorded audio on YouTube = "Public Comment", especially if I were to express a personal opinion (without knowing someone was recording). In addition recording people's voices in Australia is illegal without their permission or a Warrant.


If you want to record a session, ASK! We maybe about fit you in (I maybe able to play the OPFOR, etc.). If you don't ask:


a. Expect me to ask you to remove the YouTube (or other media).


b. Don't be too surprised if you aren't welcomed back.


As always, visitors (apart from one individual) / first timers / spectators are welcome.


Current Standard: 4.023 (no doubt soon to be updated to 4.1)


Please use the new Calendar RSVP function or post here to facilitate planning.


Anyway we'll see how it goes.



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2 hours ago, smithcorp said:

Casual Sunday is fun - come along!


18 minutes ago, Lumituisku said:

I really enjoyed last time. So I'll be there unless something unexpected turns up.


Glad you both enjoyed it. :)

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