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upgrading from 3.0 to 4.1?

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just wondering if buying the preorder for 4.1 will work with my 3.0 license or do i have to order the 4.0 upgrade first then the 4.1 preorder?

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Posted (edited)

Firstly I'm unsure why you are posting to this area since your question is in a different thread?


Ssnake's answer that you quoted is in response to this question  from "Matchstick101", not yours:



This is "your" thread:



Secondly, I guess you wait for Ssnake to get back to you. As he said:



I suspect that cross posting is just going to create more confusion.


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5 hours ago, delta6 said:

I emailed my copy of the license purchase...Now how does and old uneducated (computer wise) man make it work???

You ... emailed your copy of the license purchase?

You mean you received the email with the license ticket that you just purchased?

Did you try to click the link in it?

This would transport you to the "WebDepot" page where you can then activate your license ticket. This activation process will generate the license ticket on your CodeMeter USB stick.


For that to work,

  1. You must have the latest CodeMeter runtime software installed, which you can find here
  2. You must have your CodeMeter stick plugged in (which you would hopefully find in your drawer)
  3. You must not use the "old Edge" web browser (with the latest Windows 10 upgrades it's now Chrome based). Pretty much any web browser works with our license tickets, just not the old Edge browser, and Lynx (but with Lynx it's a design decision to support nothing but HTML 1.0 features)

If you meet the prerequisites, the rest should be pretty easy: Simply click on that big orange button "Activate my License(s) now"

If you don't see that button, or if you get an error message, please contact me by email. As a word of caution, our mail server seems to have a problem with external mails. I hope they're all in a queue, but of course the problem started with July 4th right before a long weekend, when else.

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