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Teamspeak Volume

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I have been searching around to find a solution when playing and using Teamspeak. It can be a bit overwhelming when there is a lot of chatter. 

Is there a way where I can turn down the Volume for 1 frequency and keep my Platoon Volume. Would be nice to be able to hear company Chatter but at a lower volume.

I know I can turn down volume for individual players, but that becomes a bit micromanagement.

Any suggestions ?




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Top of my TS wishlist is the ability to set these things, volume, etc.. per channel, but at the moment you can only set it per client, which is not practical for our  purposes - making platoon comms sound 'different' from command net transmissions.


My workaround is to use the TS Radiofx plugin, which can be applied to whisperlists. So my platoon comms are 'local' and are clear voice, I then set the command net channels/whisperlists to have the Radiofx applied. Now I hear command net traffic as slightly distorted, radio style comms and local platoon/vehicle channel as clear voice. Not exactly what we need, but it does help quite a bit.




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I think there's another option (don't recall exactly) where you can have one channel come in through one ear (e.g. Left) and another channel through the other (e.g. Right).


With experience though you can tell whose voice is whose and which position they fill.

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