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Voice acting for SB scenarios. Thoughs?

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good sound samples add a lot for a mission in terms of inmersion, that´s obvious I think. And I agree with gibsonm that accents are a very important factor for best results. But this may be an example of the saying "best is the enemy of good" (is it well written like that? I know it only in spanish). I think that radio messages adds a lot even if the accent it´s not the proper one, and clearly is incredibly inmersive if the accents matches with the mission. I´m remembering a campaign of DCS simulator in which you are supposed to be one of two US pilots in an interchange tour in France, learning to fly the Mirage 2000. This campaign is specially well done and it´s incredibly realistic to hear your wingman speaking in american english and your instructor speaking english with a strong french accent.


As a bit of advice for you, Lumituisku, don´t rely only in voice messages, support them with text. Specially because for us non native english speakers it may be difficult to understand fully a message, specially in the heat of the combat and it´s easy to miss important info.

Finaly, if you ever need to depict a spanish unit trying to desperately make themselves understood over the radio... I could help 9_9

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