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USMC Helos


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On 7/20/2019 at 3:14 AM, Furia said:

This loosk nice for USMC scenarios. Would you upload them on the SB page?

Now that I am better oriented to the Forum, I see some good USMC skins in the "Files" section. AH-1 from Captain_Colossus and a WannaBe Sea Knight from Hackworth.

Those guys got em a bit more detailed than mine, so I am gonna bring mine up a notch, and post them into Files, along with my UH-1Y Venom.




4 hours ago, delta6 said:

For VN vets that may have forgotten..1 is the Snake.2 Slick..3 Shithook...I have ridden in the last 2 at tree top level hauling butt...What a rush..


delta6 ... I joined the Army in 1983, and wound up as a 68-Mike (the MOS codes got all re-done somewhere in 2000s). I started in a divisional Cav squadron that was organized with 3 armored cav troops (M113s and M60s) and I was in the 1 Air troop, which had the VN style org, with 1 aero-rifle platoon of UH-1D slicks (upgraded to UH-1H), one aero-scout platoon with OH-6 "loaches", and 1 aero-weapons platoon of UH-1Cs (upgraded to UH-1M, like my avatar pic). I was the section sargent of the Armament section, and kept all the guns cycling (i've never understood why an 90 lb, six barrel M-134 was called a "mini" gun). All our ships had flown in VN.


One day in the hangar, I asked my boss what all the little square patches were on the tail booms... (patched up bullet holes).


About 6 months later, we sold em all somewhere to South America, and got loaded up with AH-1 "mod S" Cobras (AH-1Gs remade to S standard).

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