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SB Pro PE 4.156 Release Notes - Clarifications requested (if possible)


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On 7/23/2019 at 5:08 PM, Gibsonm said:

I've been reading the Release Notes (thanks for posting them) and have a few queries / requests for clarification.


1. Page 7: "Especially, the performance of navmesh generation was improved by several orders of magnitude (!), and likewise the use of the navmesh works so much better now that we strongly recommend enabling their use by default."


Yet the picture shows the choice requiring you to select "alt" to use the navmesh being "on"?


Am I correct in thinking we need a sentence in there to the effect of:


"In view of this improvement, we recommend you de-select (uncheck) the option requiring the use of the "alt" to access the navmesh routes for both the Planning Phase and the Mission Editor"?


What's navmesh and how does it affect the ability of units to navigate? Really see no difference between cheked and uncheked options. 

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