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ACAV question

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Ok I'm sure there is an easy to find answer to this one but I can not for the life of me find it.


What vehicles did ACAV units use in Europe before the Bradley?


Any help would be awesome

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Armored Cavalry units used M-113s, with and without TOWs, and M60A1/3s.  M901 ITVs replaced 113s with TOWs starting in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s.  I have seen indications that some units recieved M1s before the Div ‘86 TOE was implimented but not more than a very few.


A platoon consisted of:

one platoon leader’s 113

two scout sections of one 113 and one 113 TOW/M901ITV

one tank section of four M60A1/3s


four a total of nine vehicles per platoon.


(Look for FM 17-95s in the books section of the downloads.  Also ST 17s.)




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