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How to defeat the new active-protection systems implemented in 4.1


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I would not be surprised if the 120mm DM11 - with air burst fuze implemented - would meet that requirement. But we haven't yet implemented that for you to try out.


Minor correction: While AHEAD and KETF share identical design principles, AHEAD has fewer and heavier tungsten pellets than KETF; the former was designed to defeat jet fighters, the latter to deal with assaulting infantry.

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OK, if we're talking Armata, if aiming frontally, I find aiming for the gun with sabot will often result in gun disablement regardless of Afganit intercept. From the front quarter, the crew module and ammo carousel both become vulnerable, although the latter has less protection. From the side, if not hull down, my first choice is the ammo carousel, followed by the crew compartment. shots into frontal portion of the turret, parallel or just below the level of the main gun will almost always take out the gun. However, if you are close enough, a hit into the turret bustle, is extremely likely to take out the turret drive, stabilisation, GAS, and fire control systems, plus other electronics. This produced identical results for me six out of six times. As you would expect, the vehicle is very vulnerable from the rear - again my first choice would be ammo carousel - preferably through that into the crew compartment. If hull down, turret bustle again. From directly behind, turret bustle through the autoloader into the gun breech. I just ran an ambush scenario in a German valley and killed ten Armatas without loss with six Leo2A6s, but it took a lot of trial and error (mostly the latter) to achieve that result. It was a lot of fun too! :)

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3 hours ago, DemolitionMan said:

Has anyone tried out how different IFV machine cannons fare against it? Was thinking the other day how the Marder 20mm set on rapid fire would give it trouble or simply drain the system for a follow-up sabot kill.

The radars can distiguish between medium caliber (=no threat) and large caliber(=threat) rounds

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4 minutes ago, Jartsev said:

There is no any hard-kill  APS on  any known version of the Kurganets-APC to this date.

Ah, I see.

I then assume the launchers around the RWS turret are potentially for some soft kill APS or smoke.

Thanks for the clarification.

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