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Defence at BERGEN , Kanium 04aug19 or 11aug19 ; Time 1800Z/ 2000B


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So for the probale 1st(or 2nd) 4.1 Kanium game I've made a somewhat bigger scenario.


As always, everyone welcome, even (or especially!) new players.


In the manning list, I've marked the positions that NEED to be filled for the game to run in  green. The black positions are to be filled, once all the greens are set.


Please find attached.

1. Briefing *.pdf

2. Map file  (as a zip, please unpack into you ne w map package folder)

3. "BN OP plan" for the company and map for area recon (sce file)


Running the area recon scenario is also a good test if the mapfile is working as intened

Briefing_V03.pdf NTA_Bergen_neu_delta_1.zip Defence_Bergen_1985_V1_areaR.sce


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Manning list (btw.: to be gender conform...do I need to write manning/womaning list ?? 😛 )   is update.  For those not placed in a platoon yet let me ask:

Would you consider a Post in D4 or F4? 

The new MG and UGL models will make mech Inf more fun...and fighting from a dug out BP with the M113 TOW has become much better too in 4.157

Widen you horizon and give it a try!




A66(Cdr group) 2x Marder (Ronin/Grenny) "HICOM"

Ax 2to truck Medic


A5(recon section)2x GD240

A51 Nike-Ajax


each GD240 with scout team equiped with JIM-LR


D66(Leo2A4):  Mirzayev


D65 M577



D11 :  Assassin7

D12 Furia

D13 Apocalypse31

D14 Raven 434th



D21 Roerback

D22 Fuchs Leo 1 TC


D24 Colebrock


Mech Inf plt with: 4x rifle team(PzFst 3), 3x lMG team(MG3), 2x MILAN, 1x Sniper team


D31 Kingtiger

D32 Dboy

D33 SnS

D34 (Wiglif)


D4(Marder 1A3)

D41 Duke(maybe)

D42 Smiley

D43 Connaugh

D44 Chrisreb(maybe)


D5/CSS (Medic, 5to truck, ARV, M113-repair, Company-Sgt(GD240) )



F1 (M113 FO)

F2 5 M113 Mortars (120mm)

F3 1x 5to Truck(supply)


AT-platoon: (M113 TOW with TOW 2B Areo to model the 4km range of the Jaguar1 as "playable")

F41 Hoggydog


F43 Major duck

F6(1x 2To truck...supply)




O1 (M113 FO)

2x M109 plt (4 tubes each)

1x 10 to supply truck

(1x BN size fire mission with MARS (M270) available) 


Air Defence (run by A66... unless there are takers 😉 )

J11 Tuguska(sans missles) as Gepard stand in (squint harder)

J12 1x 2To truck with RBS 70 team+ MG3 team

J13 Tuguska(sans missles) as Gepard stand in (squint harder)

J14 1x 2To truck with RBS 70 team+ MG3 team




OPFOR: scripted, not needed

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26 minutes ago, Grenny said:

Just a reminder: everybody please download the delta map I provided and  check if the area recon scenario attached here works!

Works fine for me, but my dismounts hardly have any grenades for the UGLs... like 1-2 HE and their out of ammo.

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