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Defence at BERGEN , Kanium 04aug19 or 11aug19 ; Time 1800Z/ 2000B

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Thanks for yesterday mission. I could not attend to the debriefing, it was getting late for me.


The new 4.157 looks awesome however I was experiencing  some micro lag, not on the graphic side that I was getting nice FPS but in items like selecting Coax from Main gun and trying to fire fast but there was a small delay in some of this actions. SHort, like 1 sec or 2 but was strange. I have not experienced this in single player in 4.157.

In any case it was a pleasure and I am looking forward for the next one.

Thanks  to the scenario creator,  organizers and mission leadership!

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Is there a chance that someone recorded this battle? If yes, is there a chance that it may get posted? Curious on how the arty missions were handled and the out come of the arty strikes?

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