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4.157 - nice things


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Wonderful new vehicles - especially MB3000-NL or whatever it's called with lots of options. 

Fantastic trees and ground cover plants, plus colour palette add greatly to immersion

Bumpy terrain - massive bonus to realism

Artillery smoke and tracers - just beautiful (ditto dust clouds)

Ammo types - loads more

Adjustable sights on HMGs/AGLs (even if the latter shoots a tad to the right :) )

Infantry and attack helos now much more willing to engage 

Damage model - simply fantastic (especially vs helos). The downside is far too much time spent pondering over equally amazing AARs

Pretty lighthouses - every African village should have one :)



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9 minutes ago, Captain_Colossus said:


fun toy- there is a second mount for a weapon on the passenger side. i couldn't figure out how to attach a weapon there, can it be done or is it just for show-






As of now, these secondary armaments are not modelled in SB.

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One thing I think is really spectacular. In mission editor, put an MBT of your choice out on relatively "dusty" terrain with some hard targets arrayed in front of it and a defend order, then select a view point about 100 metres to the side of the tank and watch it shoot. The realism is awesome.

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Note that the AI would not recognize such terrain formations as the obstacles that they are. If it's about eye candy - fine. If it's about creating an exploit to trap AI units, it has the potential to diminish the fun (even if it boosts the entertainment value for a short time).

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