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DCS Black Shark.... OHHH YEAHHH BABY!!!


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Could whoever thinks they have the "lowest" end rig and still gets decent (playable) performance please post their comp stats? I'm getting pretty far behind the power curve and wondering whether I can give it a go. FWIW, FC runs ok on my box.


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I might be about on later Friday night (or Friday morning your time Tony..)

See if I can setup some MP training missions too with stuff to shoot at that doesnt fire back :)

if a couple of us are about might be fun to just gay around at an airbase and get used to the helicopter.

Gays away chappie!!!

PS I need to get the English version myself, probably download it tonight before I go out... Still using my Russian copy at the moment :)

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Yeah thats pretty funny Floydii, I got shot down over a convoy by its AAA (pretty dumb to fly over it... but hey...) ejected and then proceeded to stand infront of the lead vehicle :D

I seem to remember a flight sim years agao called JSF which when you ejected and reached the ground you had a handgun which you could uselessly shoot at stuff. That was a good weeze.

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