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DCS Black Shark.... OHHH YEAHHH BABY!!!

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It was through Falcon4.0 then to Frugal's Forums then to DCS years later that reminded me about Steelbeasts that I had read about in Frugals that I came here now that I have retired

Phew that was hard work ;)

Not so keen on the Ka50 and never really got into LoMac as at the time it came out I was much too busy at work, I got Flaming Cliffs but it never ran properly on my last PC, so I hoped for an update which is here at last.

While putting and sorting stuff out for my home cinema room I came across Armourd Fist 3, boy is it dated looking now compared with SBProPE :) Was surprised that it ran fine on Windows 7 64!

I went all sim and all at once... so i got wads of stuff all at the same time and ended up confused and unmotivated.

DCS BS is awesome i have to say, it's really an amazing sim with a totally clickable and functional cockpit, but it runs so poorly on my PC and also needs such study of the manual (which you really need a hardcopy of, so you need to pay for that) that i haven't bothered.

I went to LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs but also found that without a hard copy manual, it was a bit painful.

Falcon 4 AF is pretty damn awesome and runs fine on my machine... but it's so indepth that i need to take a month off work just to get into it.

Steel Beasts is tops and runs great on my PC, so i'll be dedicating some time to that

I won't be getting the flaming cliffs 2 update until i get myself a new PC that can actually run the DCS engine... that's the only downfall, along with paperwork, is that it's so hardware intensive.

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