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Possible bug in Mission Editor [solved/"invalid"] - Georeferencing, UTC Time Zone offset

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When loading old user missions in 4.157, if they are compatible, all is right, with better graphics bla bla bla.. 

But when you load them in the mission editor the Right mouse option (VIEW) to see any part of 3D view of the map in it, is sometimes black (night) in 4.157 and day (it is right that time) in 4.023.

When going to options/date time menu I see this in both sims:





When I click view right mouse option is day (as it should be:



Same mission without modifying anything in 4.157:



I see there is a change in Type (tipo: -8 in the UTC) I suppose then there is not a bug, but we need to take care of that.. BUT when loading the mission without doing anything in the single player, it loads by day correctly. This is how it is seen that time with the view right mouse option.




I have to put -8 in the utc:




to see it more or less the same as in 4.023:



but it is not the same position of the sun as in 4.023 is more noon, and in 4.157 is more sun rising. Put +8 in the UTC to make -8+8=0 make still the mission by night.


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I have not checked yet but I think it may have something to do with the lat and long of the map.


i had the same issue and have not yet gone back in to check...

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Yes. This is a matter of (the lack of) proper georeferencing in old maps, something that is best corrected when converting an old map. And after the proper coordinates have been entered, legacy scenarios may require that the UTC time zome offset be adjusted.

IOW, if everything's black, it's mother nature's way of saying that the coordinates and time zones are all wrong. There really sin't much that we can do. We picked a default coordinate when you convert a map, but this default coordinate is just that, one arbitrary location that was picked to have at least SOME value in the map packages metadata when there was none before.


It is, by the way, a problem that already showed up in version 4.0, but at that point we did not attempt to enforce the new rules rigorously. But for a variety of reasons we can no longer program around these sins of the past, they now need to be corrected by you, the map and mission designers.

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Indeed.  Just checked and my northern plains of Germany appeared to be in the Southern Hemisphere and east of the Greenwich meridian... interesting...

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