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Rookie questions

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Based on SB Gold, I'm better of using the gun of the Leo2 rather than the M1, all though it's not by much. Being a Swede, the Strv 121 and 122 might be a good starting point for me. But I can not deny that the CV90 and Bradley are extremely tempting to learn first.

Heck, I'll just flip a coin to figure out what to start with, in the end I am going to learn them all anyways.

Essentially for the gunner all of the Leopard FCSes are the same. The only one which has major differences is the LeopardAS1 (and it isn't a good difference). Thus the Leopard 1A5 (I think that is it), the STRV122 and everything in between would be desirable to learn and would be easiest due to the commonality that they all have. Considering that you are using SB Gold at the moment, practice on the Leo.

The PCs, the Bushmaster, M113 (except for the Aussie one) and the ASLAV PC use basically the same system (I.E. the MK1 eyeball and brain). Getting used to them should be simple enough. The Aussie M113 is a bit more problematic, but is simple enough. So with those just go through them a little bit and you will get the idea.

The Bradley is also simple enough but take a bit more time to get the hang of it. Be careful of the cant (sideways angle) for if you are not, the TOW wont fire (and trees and bushes will tend to cut the wire or detonate the missile. With the main gun, just follow the following procedure. Aim, laze, re-aim (the sight jumps after lazing) fire a test shot to see if your lead is correct, adjust and fire a burst. Besides that, the tutorial should give you a good idea as to what to do.

The 9040s are a bit on the complicated side. They have automatic lead after lazing IIRC and some of the ammunition types have different fuse settings.

As regards which PC to worry about learning, the 9040s and Bradleys are most commonly used in multiplay. As regards tanks, the Leopard 2 series and M1 are also most common. Basically, just pick what you want to pick and go from there. If you are using SB Gold, you should have the basics of the M1 and the Leopards already. All you need to get used to are sight picture differences and the more complicated terrain that there is in Pro PE (at times it is a real nightmare to find good BPs because of it).

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The primary gun sight of most vehicle are very very easy to use. I've played around a little with them and they aren't hard at all. At least the very basics. But they are meant to be, I need to practice ALOT with the other gunsights though.

I got a score of 100 on my first attempt with the Leo2A4 on the Firing Range, playing Steel Beasts Gold did pay off.

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Sounds like you'll be ready for this week's TGIF session.

This was gunnery only, I still need to learn to maneuver efficiently and understand a bit more of the tactical aspect.

Firing is the easy part I reckon. Now the real thing starts.

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