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Single player scenario: Finnish Summer War 2020. Day 1 - Armatas are coming...

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Did another one yesterday as my first try with the editor but it was a bit "tight" for manouvering so I picked another map.... See this as a quick "instant action" scenario using one of the Finnish LIDAR updated maps, and it has T-14's and T-15's... Pretty though those T-14's!




Finnish Summer War 2020 - Day 1, 07:00 hours.


After the Russian invasion this morning we are desperately trying to delay the advancing spearheads to be able to set up our defences. 

We are tasked with defending the crossroads marked on the map. We have indications that a Motorized Infantry Brigade with attached tank units are advancing in our direction. As you know the guards units might have received T-14 and T-15 units in addition to the regular T-90 tanks.




    a) Enemy:
    Scouts have detected an armored column south of the Partsimaanjärvi moving north. The size is assumed to be around 10 vehicles. We unfortunately have no information about the type of units.
    b) Own:
    We moved into Valtola this morning and we think that the enemy might not be aware of our current location.
    Our forces consist of two platoons of Leopard 2A6 tanks, two infantry platoons with AT-4s and finally one platoon of Swedish Strv 122 tanks honoring the tradition of the Swedish volunteers in the Finnish winter war.




We have to prevent the enemy from securing the crossroads north of our position for at least 30 minutes to enable the Karelia Brigade to set up defensive positions in Raatti.





EDIT: And no, I could not get the Leos to wash off their German markings - should be Dutch if not Finnish ;)


Finish Summer war 2020 day 1.sce

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