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Falcon4 must have

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Yeah... I particularly like the total lack of even VAGUE pricing. Want to buy one? Contact them for the price. They even seem to imply on the site they won't even TELL you the price until you commit to buy one.

... but apparently it's not that expensive 'if you're used to driving a Porsche'. That's certainly reassuring :heu:

...I also love how the manufacturers seem to think it'd be a hit with the entertainment industry. Something makes me SERIOUSLY doubt the average arcade-goer (or 'wealthy businessman on a trip) is going to want to invest the time it takes to learn how to fly and fight a realistic Falcon sim. There aren't that many people willing to spend the $40 to buy a realistic sim for their PC (how many flight sims come out these days?). It's a shame, but people these days want mindless entertainment. They don't want to have to think about their games. Silly, silly people.

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