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What to do if you suffer a crash to desktop (CTD)

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In the event that you suffer a crash to desktop (CTD), please paste the following your Windows Explorer address bar:




...then ZIP/RAR the most recent "SBProPE64cm..." .DMP file.


Next, attach it to an email and send it to ssnake {at} esimgames [dot] com (do not attach it here to a post in the forum), with a brief description of what you were doing when it happened and the version number.  This will help us locate the problem.



"In 4.157 I was in the Mission Editor, and I went to 3D world view via right clicking the map and selecting "View"".





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You could also simply type "Trouble" in the Windows Start Menu to find the "Troubleshooting" folder of the Steel Beasts installation, which contains links to the Steel Beasts debug mode, as well as the folders for the CrashDumps and the debugLog files.

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