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I. Situation.

            a. Terrain. Terrain in the majority of the AO is mostly flat or rolling hills with velds interspaced with forested areas. Expect a mix of improved and unimproved roads, with towns and villages being established along the main route, HWY 53.


            b. Weather. Currently raining with heavy cloud cover.


            c. Enemy. Enemy of unknown size and location is located within the AO. Estimate approximately a BN-sized element consisting of a conventionally dressed-force using armored vehicles (T-55, T-62, BMP-2) combined with militia-style element of approximately company size using civilian-style vehicles converted to a military purpose. Enemy is likely to employ AT/AP surface-laid mines, and buried IEDs along HWY 53 to control mobility.  


            d. Friendly. UN forces within the AO are located in vicinity of (IVO) UN CAMP BAGUINEDA; expect this to be a peacekeeping security force at platoon strength. Swedish-nationals are located IVO the TEXECO OIL station.


            e. Civil. The AO is moderately populated with at least 11x villages and 2x towns. Expect civilian traffic to occupy HWY 53 at various intervals.


II. Mission. TF JONAS conducts non-combatant evacuation operations (NEO) of Swedish Oil Workers and other Scandinavian nationals and safely returns them to FARP ANGEL. TF JONAS secures UN CAMP BAGUINEDA to prevent the defeat of UN Forces.


III. Execution.


            a. Commander’s Intent. The purpose of this operation is to conduct a NEO to ensure the safety of Scandinavian Nationals, and to prevent UN CAMP BAGUINEDA from being defeated by rebel forces. 


            b. Key Tasks.

                        1. Conduct a NEO of Scandinavian nationals to facilitate a safe return to FOB ANGEL.

                        2. Protect the UN Force in CAMP BAGUINEDA from defeat by rebel forces.

                        3. Identify rebel force composition, and disposition to facilitate future operations.

                        4. BPT defeat rebel or militia forces to protect civilian lives.



            c. End State.


                        i. Enemy. Unable to capture/exploit Scandinavian nationals for political purposes; unable to seize terrain IVO CAMP BAGUINEDA.


                        ii. Terrain. TF Jonas is able to maneuver freely through terrain from CAMP BAGUINEDA to FOB ANGEL.


                        iii. Civil. No civilian casualties caused by TF JONAS; civilians are protected from reprisals by rebel or militia forces. Scandinavian nationals are successfully evacuated.


            d. Concept of the Operation. This operation will be conducted in three phases. Phase 1 will begin upon SP, and will focus on the NEO of all Scandinavian nationals. TF JONAS will SP along RTEs BLUE to the TEXECO OIL PLANT. Recon will lead, and will conduct a route reconnaissance along RTE BLUE and RTE YELLOW to enable mobility of TF JONAS, and to identify composition and disposition of rebel and militia forces. OOM is Recon, A3, A1, A5, A2, followed by HQ and Company Trains. A3 will BPT breach any identified surface-laid mines by Recon.  Upon reaching TEXECO OIL PLANT, A3, A1, and A2 will establish in identified BPs, while A5 conducts an evacuation of Scandinavian nationals. TF JONAS will BPT maneuver to TONKA and/or GOVERNMENT RESIDENCE to secure all nationals. Phase 2 will occur simultaneously with NEO operations. During this phase, TF JONAS will protect UN Forces in CAMP BAGUINEDA from rebel and militia forces to prevent the seizure of terrain. Phase 3 will begin upon the successful securing of CAMP BAGUINEDA, and having located and loaded all Scandinavian Nationals into transportation. During this phase, TF JONAS will return to FOB ANGEL via RTE YELLOW and RTE BLUE.


            e. Concept of Fires. NO FIRE MISSIONS ARE AUTHORIZED WITHIN BUILT-UP AREAS OF TOWNS OR VILLAGES. Fires will be “on call” with priority going to Recon, A3, A1, and A2 in order. Fires will use only smoke until TF JONAS is engaged by rebel or militia forces.


IV. Sustainment. Company Trains, comprised of 1x Medic, 1x ARV, and 1X Supply, will be co-located with HQ. LRP 1 will be established IVO TEXECO OIL.


V. Command and Signal.


            a. Succession of Command: A66, A65, A5, A3, A1, A2.


            b. Signal: As per Kanium SOP.

20190729_Op_Bolongo.pln 20190729_Op_Bolongo.sce

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GOOD idea to allow all the players to see the plan and overall orders in advance !😀


I for one when playing in one of the PLTs like to have a grasp of the overall plan in advance and I dont think I am the only one, so good call and thanks for that @Mirzayev - obviously we cant do it when we have human OPFOR, but we can when its a scripted AI-ish OPFOR.


RECON is ready: Our uniforms are suitably out of order, all bottles are empty except for our energy drinks and all the Last Will and testaments have been signed.

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Well, given the SOPs and the rather hasty pace of the "recon", I did think its basicly: Drive forward till someone shoots you. Job done I guess...ok, I can help getting the kids to bed now.

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