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HOW TO: Submitting New 4.1+ Map Packages for Public Distribution


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If you have a brand new "Base" map, or a "Delta" map based on an existing base map, read below on how public distribution of your 4.1+ map submission will be handled.


Submitting Maps:


1.  Zip or RAR the folder containing your map package.  If it is a delta map, then Zip/RAR the appropriate delta map folder inside the base map's "deltas" folder. If it is a new base map (ie. if its a completely new height map), then Zip/RAR the base map folder.

  • The path will be different based on where you chose to put the maps when you ran the maps installer.

2.  Submit the file to the "maps" area in downloads. 

  • Please provide a description and a few screenshots of your map.

3.  We will prepare your maps for distribution, this will create a package unique ID (UID) for the map.  We will upload the file to a public maps repository that the Steel Beasts Maps Download Manager service and Steel Beasts know how to use.  At that point we will delete the Zip/RAR file from steelbeasts.com, and update the text of your description to include the UID of the map package for manual downloading (see below).  



Downloading Maps:


(manually) [see image above] To get the map package manually, users will open the Steel Beasts Maps Download Manager, left click on "Add download" (pink circle), and paste in the UID provided in the map's info on SB.com and press OK. 

  • If connected (green circle) the download manager will then search the servers for the map, and if found it will download and automatically extract it to the path where you maps are installed.  Also, if you are downloading a DELTA map, and your are also missing the BASE map, and if the base map is also present on the servers, then it will automatically get that as well.

(automatically) Alternatively, you can get the map package automatically by simply loading a scenario in Steel Beasts that uses the map.

  • If connected to the servers, and the map is present on the servers, then it will ask you if you want to download it while inside Steel Beasts.



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