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2 hours ago, Furia said:

While the DF 30 with its 30mm gun, and the onboard Spike ATGM team it is a serious and interesting vehicle. the DF 90 does not look much useful or interesting. An overkill for engaging light vehicles, but undergunned for engaging medium armoured vehicles. Bulky, slow, rate of fire........

I keep my dear Centauro fur such task, however the DF 30 it is  really interesting and able platform.

I Disagree.

The 90mm is capable of taking on older T-type tanks. ( if  i remember correctly a French armored car armed with a 90mm.  took out two T-55s in the Bosnian Serb conflict.

Plus newer type IFV's are as well armored and weigh as much as second gen tanks like the leo-1 T-62 and can take a lot of punishment from lower caliber weapons such as the 30/35mm

I have not put it to the test yet in game but i reckon the 90mm will make a good IFV killer and be able to engage targets at a greater range then vehicles armored with auto cannon

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