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OK, no old scenerios working after all...

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OK, I am either really confused or just plain stupid... and fail to see why this needs to be so hard, NONE, not one of my previous scenarios will work, even after a clean install, proper patch up and running the map installers from esim games, and the Legacy map installer. I've read through the forums, followed the step by step instructions... yet, none still work. and I only have limited time for solution research, and even game play now-a-days... that's why I pretty much only play small unit scenarios… all the defaults are just too big, detailed... what am I missing? Is there a easy way to get these missions working? Thx. or goodbye, depending.



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We converted everything for the official eSim Games supplied scenarios (in the "Scenarios" folder). Everything in "My Scenarios" requires your action.


Typically it is as easy as to open the mission in the mission editor, and then to save it again.

If it can't be opened directly in the Mission Editor, the error message will at least describe what needs to be done.


These two general help threads should arm you with the necessary background knowledge:

As to "why" this needs to be so hard, well, we couldn't really make this any easier. The old way of working with the data allowed for an anormous degree of flexibility (resulting in an equally enormous number of special cases), and it played very loose with data integrity (because they could be embedded in the scenarios). Once that you stop embedding map data in a scenario file and still want things to work in network sessions you can no longer rely on file names as the first, last, and only line of defense.

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4 minutes ago, Grenny said:

Use 4.023, check on what map the scenarios are build one

But if 4.023 was uninstalled before installation of 4.1, it would be much better not to attempt to install it back, since this  would  screw-up  all stock scenarios.


v.4.1   can be utilized to extract maps from  legacy scenarios to the packages too...

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