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3.3t Truck issues [FIXED]

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The wheels on the 3.3t Truck 4x4-V-NL rotate in the opposite direction of the vehicle's travel. No, it's not so-called "Wagonwheel effect." They literally (well, virtually) spin backwards when the truck moves forward, and forward when the truck backs up.

The police version of the vehicle -- 3.3t Technical/Police 4x4 V -- does not exhibit this phenomenon.


Also, the non-police version is drawing from the police decals, apparently, for its rear window.  Again, not an issue with the police version.

The bright green shackle mounts are also probably unintended.



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OK thanks, we will check it out.


Edit: apparently the bright green tow hooks are intentional, they were in the photos of the vehicle that was modeled (some kind of metallic paint or metal).

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