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another DL location for SB Pro PE Maps Installer

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OK, been trying to download the map installer from esimgames for a week now... extremely slow download, and after a night of downloading they end up corrupt… any other, faster place to download? (and I know it's the site, because I have 300 mb/s cable download.)




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They are on effin' Amazon Web Service servers (and not the "free" ones that take a good while to be called from the tape machine first). They should arrive with 300 MBit if your line supports this. if they don't, something else is broken. I don't know what is broken but since we're not inundated with similar complaints suggests that it's something on "your end" (not saying that it's "your fault", mind you, just that I have no idea what we could do to investigate, let alone fix it).


There is, of course, always the option to order the USB stick with all the files from us (bundled with a printed manual). Not trying this as a sales pitch, but it's the only thing that _I_ can offer right now that's guaranteed to solve this particular problem.


That said, I'll pass on your case to our IT wizards, maybe they can think of something that you can do to diagnose the problem, or that we can do on our end.

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