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Windows 10 update KB4512508 appear to stop SB from launching


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Not sure what the difference is. I've seen a few people having this issue in various applications so I'm not sure if it is tied to the CPU model or similar. I'm running an I7 5820K. 


I re-installed the patch again and the same issue is happening again. 

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updated details on test
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If you are able to switch the SB behaviour on your system by installing / deinstalling the KB4512508 patch 
there must be some link between the patch and SB. I'm running the same OS patch here and I have, like others, 
no problems. This might indicate that your hardware could also play a role.
The KB4512508 patch modifies about 20000 files on a system. In it's description there is no direct connection 
visible to the problems you describe. Unfortunately the patch modifies alot of OS components, the windows kernel 
being one of them (is it still windows after that patch 🥶 ?) 

The exception code you mention in your description might lead to something. Would you please run CPU-Z (an 
application to benchmark / identify the CPU of a system) (available from e.g. www.cpuid.com) and post the 
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