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SB 4.1 Package.


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Gentleman, I am please to announce, that with the kind and professional assistance of sSnake. I received in the past week, my SB Pro 4.1 package. It took five days, from the day I placed the order, to receiving the following in the U.S. Mail.

One compact bubble cushioned envelope, containing - 1 ea. thick printed manual, 1 ea. thumb drive, red in color, 1 ea. codemeter, and 1 ea. surprise gift. Needless to say, I am very happy to receive this new version of SB.

Following the printed instructions for installation of the Sim. It loaded flawlessly. I will have to do some reading, since the map setup is quite different from the older versions of SB. I have been the proud owner of SB

from when the first version shipped, back in 2000. Aside from SB being my most important gaming interest. I have had the pleasure to interact with various members of the SB family. While there are a goodly number of members

who have been extremely helpful and kind. I have to say that sSnake and Matsimus have been most helpful and kind over the years. 👍👍Thank you gentleman.😊 

"Scouts out!"50.gif "Fight smart... Move fast, and bring artillery!"50.gif        

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Ssnake, (sorry I misspelled your tag in my thank you comments🙄), it's been my sincerest pleasure to be a fan and supporter of SB. Thank you for the additional fencing 

included in SB 4.1 I love creating maps in the sim. Have a great Autumn.👍👍😊

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